To all ‘pundits’ and reporters who keep stating that Diego Costa ‘stamped’ on Emre Can on Tuesday evening – here is the definition for you.

Stamping – ‘to bring (your foot) down heavily with added force, and noisily’.

Diego Costa running over someone’s leg using the force of gravity and momentum with his foot then coming back down on to the trailing leg of the opponent, is not a stamp. More of a momentum step.

I’m not debating whether he did it on purpose or not (he probably did and therefore should be punished), but if you’re going to report on it, call it what it is. It’s a step, not a stamp!

Also, to the FA – if you’re going to ‘stamp’ it out, then you MUST be consistent. So many other obvious incidents have occurred that have gone un-punished, many worse that this step by Costa. It’s not good enough, people are paying for a service from you, deliver.


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