As many of you know, the situation with CFCnet these past 12 months has been precarious. We’ve been talking about the financial side of CFCnet now for a good while since we went public with the issues we face, and we’ve looked at many avenues in an effort to pay our running costs and to honour our responsibilities to all of our magazine subscribers.

We received quite a few donations. These have been absolutely crucial to the future of CFCnet and we are very much indebted to you.

With the recent purchase of the Rivals Network by Rupert Murdoch and the censorship that it can brings, it’s more and more important that sites such as CFCnet remain independent although we do have to pay our own way so please continue to support us whenever you can.

The first issue for us is to maximise the website’s advertising income. This is the main regular income for the site, however we are aware that many people do not like the pop over, pop under or in your face adverts that you see on many websites currently. These would pay us very well but we know that it wouldn’t sit well with many of our visitors.

As you can see now, we still have too many adverts on the site. We are aware of this but thankfully they are not too intrusive, and are covering some of our costs. The only way to work around this problem is to have fewer adverts, but to encourage our readers to visit more pages.

It’s this simple; if people visit 3 pages we earn x amount. If people visit 6 pages our income doubles. With this in mind we have used most of the donation money to redesign and reinvent the CFCnet website. It is 500% more intelligent than the current one and we are convinced that the visitors will dig deeper into the site, hopefully generating more banner impressions.

Not only have your donations helped us to set this up, but we have been able to do this quickly and expect the new website to be launched on January 1st 2008. The forum has been slightly redesigned so it fits in with the new design too, although functionality and usage will remain much the same.

Your donations have been essential in this development. Without them the new site would not have happened. We been able to introduce a new server and find a professional with the time and skills to lead the design and development.

We have also listened to feedback and requests in relation to electronic versions of the magazine. Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be available for you to buy and read online very soon, and this will be ideal for our overseas visitors. If you don’t want to wait for the postman you can read the magazine more or less straight away. You simply pay by Pay Pal and log in to read the magazine whenever you want from your PC. Issue 5 of the magazine will be printed and sent out to our subscribers in early January.

So that’s where we are currently, we’ve a bit more to do over Christmas and then into the new year, but all being well the future is a little less bleak.

Thanks for all of your support over the last 7 years. In time honoured tradition I would also like to thank Toby, Jez, Grahame and Rob for all of their time they have given up over the last 12 months too.

Have a great Christmas and look out for new CFCnet in the New Year. See you in Moscow!

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