You know when you are a Proper Chelsea fan. You support Chelsea with pride, you care whether we win or lose, and you spend a lot of time talking about Chelsea. It may be a long way to get to the game but Chelsea are playing and you’ve made the effort to be there and support them.
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This is what football is all about. Passion, emotion, commitment, beer, Bovril, pies, and three points in your pocket. If you care about Chelsea, then ProperFan is the must-have football app for you.
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Built by Proper Football Fans for Proper Football Fans, this is the app for fans who watch games live at the ground, read about football, talk about football with mates.

Features include:

  • Social networking with your football mates, update your footy status and tell them which game you are watching – fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  • Prove you are a ProperFan with a GPS based ‘Check-in’ at English and Scottish grounds – if you’re not at the game you can’t check-in on your iPhone
  • Compete in leagues on the number of games you’ve attended and grounds visited with your football mates, with other supporters of your team and with all other ProperFans
  • Full media centre for every club – one click to the club website, fan forums, blog, local newspaper, league table, fixtures, and live scores
  • Full ground details for 158 English and Scottish clubs
  • Local away fan pub and hotel details for every team
  • Transport details and local taxi numbers
  • Easy to use invitations for your football mates to become a ‘ProperFan’

ProperFan is all a real football fan needs to follow their team. Join in with the passion, wear your badge on your screen and show your mates who the real fan actually is.
Download it for your iPhone now!

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