I’m sure I am not the only one who would answer yes to those questions. There are lots of young Chelsea fans out there, but how many of them go on a regular basis, and will become future singers for Chelsea?Chelsea for me is not just a club, it’s a life passion that runs through my veins. The first thing that comes into my mind when I wake up is Chelsea and the last thing before I sleep is Chelsea. On a Saturday afternoon when I walk down that Fulham road, I feel an adrenaline rush so strong, I could chant “carefree” on my own. There are many, many more like me. By now I’m already building this image in my head of the CHELSEA roar echoing around the ground as John Terry leads the blue boys out.

Sadly all that excitement is ruined for me as I find I’m sitting in the Family section which is by no means a passionate area. All that excitement I had leading up to the game is destroyed, replaced by thoughts as why do I pay £15 quid to sit in a place like this?

  • Are you between the age on 13-24, and as passionate about the Blues as any other fan
  • Are you a young fan who wants to sing and get behind the team, but cannot show that passion in the way in which you want at matches?
  • Would you have a Season Ticket if it was reasonably priced, in a singing area with like minded young fans?
  • Do you only go to Chelsea for Cup ties, where reduced tickets in the singing areas are available?
  • Are the amount of games you go to limited because you do not find your visit to Chelsea worth the money you pay, due to not enjoy going to Chelsea as you would like?

This is where the ‘Chelsea Youth Group’ comes in. The CYG are a group of young fans who want to enjoy their day out at Chelsea more. We are a group who want to be able to sit with like minded fans and sing for this great club.

The CYG has already had contact from around 50 young fans who want to be part of the CYG. Considering the idea was only mooted in December, that is not a bad start, but we need more numbers to show the club we are serious. Should we be accommodated by the club, we hope to have a test run in the later stages of the FA cup should we get a home tie, and of course beat Wigan.

What are the CYG’s objectives?

  • An area in the ground (possibly east upper) where the CFCYG can sit, which is affordable for ages 13-24
  • Long term, a student and junior season ticket in this area.
  • Create a community of young fans who can meet and share the same passion
  • Also In the long term, create an environment so the future singers of CHELSEA can flourish.

There is a Fans Forum meeting in February which we plan to present our ideas to the club.

How can I join?

Simply email me with your name and how old you are. Include how you want to help, and perhaps why you want to be part of it. State whether you’re a member or a season ticket holder.

Email : [email protected] Bebo : http://www.bebo.com/CHELSEA-YSGroup

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