Football scarves are coloured scarves worn by supporters of football teams all over the world, even in countries where the weather is warm. The scarves are often made in the colours of the team and may have the club crest, name or slogans on them. Fans of football teams often wear the coloured scarves at matches, or hold them above their heads to show they are proud of their team. These scarves are worn at all kinds of matches, from school competitions to The World Cup, and are often also collected by fans.

Football scarves have been around since at least the early 1900s, originating in Britain. The scarves were first worn so that fans could keep warm in the winter months, whilst maintaining their team spirit. Winters can be quite cold in Britain, making it difficult to show full support when fans are freezing in the stands. Scarves were the perfect solution to this.

It is sometimes said that the idea of fans wearing these coloured scarves came from the players themselves. Before teams had uniforms, players would wear coloured accessories – such as scarves – in order to distinguish who was on whose team. This was also helpful in winter months, as football was often played as a winter alternative to other team games.

The original football scarves were striped, alternating the team’s colours, and this style is still the most popular today. However, as time has progressed and manufacturing has become easier, it is now popular to also have the club crest, team name, slogans or even pictures of popular players on football scarves.

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