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In stadium, live match betting must be the Holy Grail for football clubs and betting companies alike?

During a fans forum meeting with club officials in 2012, the club mentioned stadium naming rights and live betting as some good ventures that the club was looking into. Since then not much has happened though. The stadium still has no sponsor name (which is good) and live match betting is still not part of the match day experience.

At the time 3G was the norm and the club were reluctant to spend money on a network that would be superseded by 4G very soon. However the club gave us a tip, which was to switch to 2G as you left Fulham Broadway as everyone was trying to access 3G in the vicinity of the stadium. (Luckily for me as a Vodafone user and after a quick call to Vodafone customer services this actually worked and I was able to get online.)

In the main though, reporters and journalists were the only “people” to get onto Wi-Fi networks, for obvious reasons but us mere mortals, have to wait until after the game to update our social networks and make calls.

However, over the last year or so, 4G has been made available inside Stamford Bridge, but it’s not overly reliable. So what is the likely hood of betting on a Hazard penalty before he misses it?

In 2013 one company made a deal with a leading Scottish club which allowed the fans to live bet during the game via Wi-Fi. In just 12 months the app, which allowed this, was downloaded over 50,000 times, with around 155,000 fans registering for stadium Wi-Fi.

Although I’m not someone who would take up live betting, I do see the business sense in this but it does raise a moral dilemma, should betting be made so accessible? If you do fancy a sensible venture into the gaming world you can find some promotional codes on this site.

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