So I’ve been asked by some of you what happened to my ‘Hulk will sign by deadline day’ theory, my claims were mainly based on what I felt would happen and what some of my friends told me, who work within the club.

I was told that Chelsea were attempting to negotiate a deal with Porto for the majority of the transfer window, as was also reported by all of the media outlets, right up until the deadline day. That was all I knew and told you. My gut feeling was that if he was going to sign then it would be a dramatic late attempt at pushing it through on deadline day, this was actually the case.

Roman Abramovich and his negotiating team used other targets including the signing of Victor Moses, as a tactic to use with Porto, making it out that they were not desperate to land Hulk and could take it or leave it, hoping that Porto would meet Chelsea’s offer, which was hugely below Porto’s asking price.

In the end it turns out that Porto were not going to allow Hulk to leave for any less than his buy out clause, which is around €100m. Chelsea were simply not prepared to pay anywhere near this and it has left the club, us as supports and Hulk, who clearly wanted to leave for Chelsea, all feeling frustrated.

So the information I knew and had, was true, we had been attempting to negotiate a deal, right down to the wire, but were simply not willing to pay anything near what Porto wanted. So for now, the Brazilian machine stays at Porto and will continue to tell the media that he is ‘fine’ at the club, like he has recently stated. But he has to say that now, he is facing the inevitable of playing another season with them, he will need fans support.

I believe that Chelsea will attempt one more encouragement of a deal in January for Hulk, if the player pushes the deal harder, then there might be a chance it will happen. But for now, I am more than happy with our own squad, which looks very threatening and able.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor


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