The Football Supporters Federation (“FSF”) is collecting eyewitness and first-hand accounts of the mistreatment of football fans, both inside and outside of stadiums. The FSF have noted that there appear to be an increasing number of incidents involving football fans across the country and they are keen to hear of any incidents that Chelsea supporters have been involved with.These incidents can range from being refused entry to the ground through to being arrested by the police for no apparent reason.

The Chelsea Supporters Group is in the process of collating cases involving Chelsea supporters with the intention of passing them onto the FSF.  We already know of a number of incidents that have taken place both at Stamford Bridge and at Chelsea away games.  These include fans being prevented from entering stadiums by both police and stewards on the grounds that they were drunk, even though the people concerned had only consumed a couple of pints of beer.   More serious cases have involved fans being removed from the ground by the police and taken to the local police station and later released with no charges against them.

In several of these cases, the people involved have been reported back to Chelsea FC and have had their season tickets or memberships suspended or cancelled. The CSG have successfully approached the club on behalf of some of these fans and they have had their cards re-instated.  In a reversal of the laws of the land, with Chelsea FC you are guilty until proven innocent!

Remember:  If you ignore the treatment you get or turn a blind eye to it, things will only get worse. Why should football fans put up with bad treatment that would, in any other spectator sport or walk of life, be condemned by all and sundry?

If you or anyone you know has been unfairly or badly treated by the police, stewards or any representative of a football club inside or outside of a football ground whilst following Chelsea, please let us at the CSG know and we will, with your permission, pass on the details of your incident to the FSF.

You can contact Michelle at the CSG  on [email protected]

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