Yesterday, Peter let me out for an hour or so from CFCnet Towers to Watch The Football, in colour! He said that he’d deduct me half a crown though and I wouldn’t be able to have Christmas Day off, but it was worth it. The last time I was let out was when the Bay City Rollers were all the rage, he could have told me that nobody wears flairs though.

Today in a web-chat with Gab Marcotti, he let slip that Chelsea may have budgeted for not one, but two marquee signings before the new season starts. After twisting his arm, he said that there could be a second striker and a winger – no names mentioned however.

Anyhow, Sunday bought us three games in The World Cup – In England’s group, Slovenia beat Algeria 1-0 to go top of the group, for now. From what I’ve seen, the English should manage to beat both Algeria and Slovenia, well, here’s hoping anyway. The second game of the day saw Ghana beat Serbia. The Serbs had Branislav Ivanovic in their team, however, a goal by Gyan in the last minutes of the game saw Serbia tumble to defeat. To read The Official Line on the game Click Here

In the last few days, the Summary of the Season series has bought us some of our players’ own personal achievements during the season. Today the series picks up on Didier Drogba’s season. From start to finish, Didier scored important goals and ended up as the Golden Boot winner, even after missing a month at the African Cup of Nations. This Series Makes For A Great Read so click on the link and have a read. If you have missed any of the other players in the series check back on The Official Line and have a read.

Well, I’ve got to go now as the lift on the 74th floor here at CFCnet Towers has broken down. It looks like it’s the stairs for the toilet again, I hope nobody slips on it. I shall continue with The Official Line again tomorrow.

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