Now we are getting a lot closer to the new season, The Official Line will bring you more regular updates from what is happening in and around Stamford Bridge. Firstly, as you may already know, our former midfielder Joe Cole has now officially signed for Liverpool. Here at CFCnet Towers there had been rumours in abundance that one of our regulars was going to do a deal with Liverpool, however, when he found out that he would only get a shell-suit and a bowl of scouse, he decided to stay put. We’ll be waiting to see if Joe does indeed grow that hair into curls, just in time for November 7.

Down at Cobham today there was some worrying news on the injury front, as Petr Cech had to go to have a scan on a calf problem. Let’s hope that it’s nothing too serious and he will be back for the game against Ajax on Friday. To read about the injury update, just click on the Petr Cech link provided.

Chelsea has now introduced a brand new credit/debit card security system when ordering match day tickets online and for any on-line buying processes. The security system has been put in place to help prevent fraud and is in line with many other companies. To read about the New Online Security System click on the link provided.

After recently having our reserve fixtures published, the new youth fixtures have been announced today. Our under-18’s start off with what could be a tantalising morsel, as our first game is against the under-18’s of Manchester United. The game is at home on Saturday 21 August, with a kick off at 11am. To view the rest of the fixtures for the Under 18’s have a look at the link provided.

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