When I woke up on the Friday before Munich, I opened my back door and a waft of destiny blew in on the morning breeze. Sceptical mates claimed I was confusing this with the smell of muck spreading and with 87 minutes on the clock in Munich they were looking right. But as they say – the rest is history.

To win the triple under such circumstances is beyond the stuff of dreams and legends. And not any triple either – let’s not forget that this is the first hat-trick of its kind since the universe was formed.

1) European champions
2) F.A. Cup
3) Fcuking up Tottenham’s season and entire future

It’s incredible that no trophy was presented for the latter. But that’s modern football for you – the powers that be – embarrassingly out of touch with the feelings of fans. It wouldn’t have taken much to knock up a trophy for this surely ? Nothing over the top of course – smaller than the European cup and larger then the F.A. cup would seem the logical solution. Maybe in the shape of a broken cockerel.

But now all Chelsea fans must wait. The quadruple is out of our hands and dependent on other results. Finger nails bitten to the bone, we have to hope the final result from Liverpool goes our way. It’s simple in the end. Should AVB be installed as their next manager the quadruple is ours outright. If it’s Benitez we win on goal difference.

Like all Chelsea fans I don’t want to go over board about our achievements this season and I’m sure you feel the same. A sense of modesty must prevail. I have however, made one minor change to my life in the wake of recent events. I’ve re-set my calendar – a bit like when Jesus was born (allegedly). So all past and future dates are now centred around Munich. For example today is 22nd May 0001 AEC (after European cup of course) and this years F.A. cup final was played on Sat 5th May 0001 BEC. Simple really.

This does of course beg the question if Droga is the messiah ? Even the most devout of religious people must admit that what he did in Munich made breaking up a few loafs of bread and pissing in some wine look like small beer – if that makes sense.

See you in August for an attempt at winning the premier league – season 0001/2 AEC.

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