Tomorrow is an exciting day.

All 20 Premier League teams will be kicking off at 4pm.
Blackpool, Birmingham, Wigan, West Ham and Wolves can all plunge into the Championship.

But who know’s what the scores will be?
Hopefully I do.

I’m a fond young gambler. I think gambling is really exciting and a great past time if obviously kept in proportion.

It’s like a hobby. Some people play Tennis, others play Bowls, I’m a regular Coral’er.

My budget for a week’s betting is normally down to the change I receive from the local Sainsbury’s after buying a few snacks. Sometimes I’ll bet £1.40, or on a Saturday normally £3-4. That gives me a good few goes at accumulators and the chance to be instantly rich!

I’m currently back home from University where the Coral here is merely opposite my house. You can see it from my front window. I just love the convenience that Coral offers to it’s customers. In Southampton, where I have just finished studying, the Coral is simply 30 seconds away from Sainbury’s, they truly are wonderful business.

I’ve had some success since I became betting mad. Although not at Coral, my biggest win to date was a few months ago when I went to my first Wimbledon Dogs event. I put two pound on a forecast and won £97, it was a glorious night.

Since then, my luck has just been a little off.

The other week I needed a goal for £81, and on the day I finished studying in Southampton, I was on for £34 until the very last minute!

Today I discovered from Chris – who works in my local Coral – that you should always put your accumulators on the Better Odds football sheet. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

From a season of doing regular accumulators I didn’t expect this from the golden sheet I used today.

Okay, the first is a ten-folds – that I know is very hard to get correct – but it’s the final day of the season, and anything could happen, so maybe, just maybe, it might be the perfect finish to the season for me and three of five teams who look to avoid the drop.

If I win, I will buy a Chelsea away ticket for one of the games as a kind of thank you.

But back to more important issues, the glistening black and white slip.

I’ve backed Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd in all of them. Liverpool are storming it, City want third and I think Man Utd will want to win their final game so, although risky, two of them were away – which offers better odds!

I’ve back the wonderful Blues only twice. I know, I know, as bad as it may be but we drew with Newcastle, and we seem to always lose steam the final two games, and more importantly I want to win the money!

The first returns £4093.03 – from a £1 stake.

Shocking isn’t it. I thought it would be a good hundred or so, but just over four grand!?

The second one, an 8-fold, returns £1220.33. It’s my safe bet, but that kind of payout would be more than welcome for a 21-year-old who’s looking to pay of his student debt.

The third and final accumulator returns £2629.94, I went for a few more draws, just wanted to spice things up a bit, but again, I was in shock of the return, this wasn’t any accumulator.

This was my final one of the season, what am I going to do for three months? Greyhound racing is too hard and what will I watch now!?

It could just be, that tomorrow is my finally my day!

Whether that excuse get’s tiring when I’m married is something I’d like to avoid, so I’m sure I can keep it to the minimum as an enjoyable past-time.

But I’m not just looking for the payout, although I know I’m probably not going to win, I look very much forward to the final day of the season.

Although this season I have been disappointed with Chelsea, after falling out of love with football when I went to University, this year, living with football mad house-mates, I have grown fond of the game again and enjoyed a wonderful selection of games that TV had to offer.

With the help of Coral, something inside of me reached down and grabbed that little spark back and made me football mad again.

This season I watched nearly every Chelsea game on the TV and went to five or six – not sure – will ask my Dad, he’ll know.

The marvelous experience that Coral has to offer has opened my eyes to football again and I just want to thank them for helping me re-kindle my joy.

Although at first I was only looking for cash prizes, I have realized what I’ve been missing, and now coupled with my minor gambling addiction, football is once again a true love of mine.

Tomorrow is an exciting day.

Like the fans around the country, although I am a Chelsea fan, I will watch anxiously.

It’s going to be nerve-racking, two teams are going to lose a lot of money tomorrow.

I don’t care who does, as long as they help me win!
Until next time, The University Graduate

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