Super Sunday sees the Champions visit N17 to take on the premiership’s ‘free-flowing’ Tottenham in a 4 o’clock showdown. For the first time in a decade Chelsea will travel north with the title of underdogs, and rightly so.

There is something wrong at Chelsea. The performance at Marseilles, albeit in a dead rubber, was shocking. This is not the first blip this season, that particular accolade goes to our pre-season shambles. However, Chelsea fans, we must stand tall, we must

 give our beloved Blues undying support. Sing your hearts out, on Sunday, and let’s get this title challenge back on track.

Chelsea will welcome back Nic Anelka, Mikel, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard. Super Frank will add the spark to a lacklustre midfield and find the probing through balls, so badly lacking recently. We must take the game to the home side, dominate possession and attack a shaky back four that is prone to conceding.

Tottenham will rely on the counter with Bale, Modric and Defoe supplying pace in abundance. Hopefully Mikel will lie deep and I see Ferreria at right back to replace the injured Bosingwa. Ferreria and Cole need to time their forward forays and protect the width leaving the centre half partnership of Terry and Ivanovic in the middle. I see Chelsea defending deeply as Spurs are pacey and can get behind a high line.

I believe the problems at Chelsea will be sorted out soon. Our leaders are back, all over the park for Sunday’s game and Chelsea will prevail. In case Carlo needs a rallying cry from the side lines, then here it is;

Chelsea give 100%. 100% equals everything. When we ask you to give 100%, we mean everything! We want it all! Do not save anything for later, do not relax, and do not take a break to catch your breath, give us everything you’ve got from the start to the finish. Leave it all on the field. It won’t be easy, it’s not for the faint of heart. It will take a lot of heart, passion, determination, drive, energy and willpower.

You have found yourselves reaching for the ‘easy button’, press it and you will instantly travel the easy road. That’s fine if the easy road gets you the results you desire. However, in sport, you will only achieve greatness through 100% commitment, so work hard and seize the moment! That’s what will get you the results that we all crave.

The best players, the most successful players are those who mentally block out pain, fatigue, doubt and despair. Super players focus on pushing beyond their limits, drawing energy from untapped reserves, hope, success and crossing the winning line.

All we ask of you on Sunday is to be the best you can and give us 100%.

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