Soccer season is about to begin and fans from every corner of the world are all set to cheer for their team and  it looks like that  Chelsea is still the team to beat. With the return of Jose Mourinho, arguably soccer’s greatest team manager, Chelsea’s mentality is all set to win the title and seems like there’s nothing that could stop them. Chelsea fans are eager to see once again Chelsea’s dominating presence and reclaim the Premier League title. However, while everybody is still on the waiting mood, here are some suggestions to do before the season begins.

Learn Chelsea’s fan song
There are more than 10 Chelsea songs that fans sing on a specific game or opponent. If you want to be part of the crowd, learn a few Chelsea’s songs and create that kind of atmosphere that makes the English Premier League unique. Some may be abusive but the beautiful thing about them is that these fan songs make fans 100% part of the crowd as well as the game’s action.

Read about Chelsea’s legends
Chelsea is a classic team and many men have been part of its rich history. It is amazing that Chelsea has never had a shortage of soccer players who have been great players, fans’ favourite and leaders and important factor in the establishment of Chelsea as a European League power. Read about Chelsea legends here and trace back how these great Blue Boys became part of Chelsea’s history and become a fan all over again.

Enjoy casino games
Playing casino is one of the best ways to pass the time until the next season begins. There are casino sites that have soccer’s themes and slots machines with soccer’s designs. Playing on these sites would also give you the chance to earn extra money to buy your season’s premium tickets.

With so much steam coming from the different teams, everybody has the feeling that the next season will be the best ever and something special is about to happen.

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