On Tuesday, Chelsea Football Club officially announced the signing of Eden Hazard’s younger borther, Thorgan, who is 19. On purchasing this player, I can safely say the only thing supporters knew about him is that Eden had described him as being ‘better than him’. But lets be honest, your not going to tell the world that your kid brother is anything less than that.

To me, it’s a strange signing, so I decided to dig deeper and ask someone who knows they’re stuff about Belgium football. I found an englishman who lives in Belgium and dedicates his life to Belgium football, a very fine journalist who has written columns for Four Four Two, creator of the Belgofoot blog, John Champman. I asked him his thoughts on Thorgan and this transfer, and he came back with some interesting opinions that most supporters will not know.

Thorgan Hazard has never played played in the French top division, his previous club, RC Lens played in Ligue 2, and it seems he even struggled to break in to their first team. John says “Thorgan has yet to break in to Lens first team. As far as I know, he lacks Eden’s dynamism, he’s more of a playmaker (possibly a no.10). Maybe they come to fruition later. Started a few games for Lens. Read no real rave reports”

He went on to add “I tend to dismiss reports of ‘better than Eden’. I really don’t ‘get’ this transfer, has the world gone mad? I could just about understand why Chelsea took Lamisha (20) and Tika (18) Musonda when they wanted to sign 15 year-old Charly Junior; to be honest, their father was probably insisting that it was a package deal or nothing. But Eden Hazard is a married man with a child. I would think he hardly needs his kid brother to join him so he can settle down in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is London”

Chapman does however believe Thorgan is a decent footballer, he says “Don’t get me wrong. Thorgan Hazard, Lamisha and Tika Musonda are not bad footballers, but they are works-in-progress. To-date, there is absolutely nothing about them that says they are special, apart from their surnames. All three are midfielders, all three have represented Belgium at youth levels and all three have no experience of first division football in any country.

An interesting insight from John, to me it looks like a strange signing. Yes, Thorgan is a good player, yes he has also been described as technically brilliant by the Belgium youth coach, but he is 19-years-old and yet to play a top division match. If he was 16-17 years old, I’d understand it, but like John says in his blog, we can’t just sign players brothers to ‘keep them happy’, we’d have a 50-strong squad of brothers!

I’m sure Thorgan will develop in to a decent player, and yes I am excited to see if he does, but he will surely now be stuck in the youth squad this season, then out on loan the following two seasons, it will be near to impossible to break into our first team with the array of talent we have now, especially when we have the more talented and younger Lucas Piazon seriously knocking on the door for for a starting place. By the time Thorgan returns from loan, he’ll be 22-years-old and no longer a fresh faced youth player. I just feel it is a little blind to be signing a player because of his surname, who has even struggled to break in to a French Ligue 2 side at the age of 19. Chelsea fans are naturally excited by his signing, purely because they feel they now have two Eden Hazards, this simply is not the case.

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