Part of my role here at CFCnet is to report on transfer news and I like anybody else who loves football, cannot help but get involved and excited during the transfer window, with certain big name players linked with the

But as I sit here and ponder through today’s transfer rumours once again, I can’t help but feel that we are really failing our young players by choosing to sign other players over them. It seems that so many of these players have always been trusted and considered as good enough to make the bench, but throughout the last few years have never received that trust enough to start and claim a spot in the first team squad.

As a result, many of these players will spend their early careers being loaned to different sides to get experience. This can certainly be seen as good and of course players need this for their development. But when I see that we have certain players who are at the very least on the verge of making the first team squad, but who are being over looked in favour of various other transfer targets.

When you take the likes of Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Izzy Brown, Patrick Bamford and Jamal Blackman and then consider the positions these players play and the positions of the players we are talking about, why are these youngsters not being considered? I realise that these players are not proven in the premier league but neither was John Terry when he first stepped on the scene and he’s been our best player for the last ten years. Youngsters need their chance to break through and the fact that all the above mentioned players are home grown and would obviously not cost a penny ticks two highly important boxes in the transfer rule books.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek
Ruben Loftus-Cheek
There is talk of Chelsea signing another striker, winger and midfielder but if that happens then it will only reduce opportunities for those youngsters, who in my opinion are more than good enough to step in now. Loftus-Cheek has immense talent as does Bamford, if either of these two were in the starting line up against Swansea on day one, I’d have no concerns whatsoever.

Obviously there are success stories of the loan system, Thibaut Courtois for example now arguably one of the best keepers in the world and had to be loaned out as he was never going to challenge Petr Cech at that time. But then look at the Nemanja Matic situation, a talented youngster who spent a season on loan with Vitesse and was surely then considered good enough to make the step up? But instead we sold him to Benfica as part of the David Luiz deal, had another excellent spell their and then signed back for £21 million by Chelsea. I mean where is the logic and cost effectiveness involved in that? And if we don’t integrate these players now this will only keep happening.

Patrick Bamford
I also feel that we could have handled the Josh McEachran situation a lot better with him being at the club since a 7 year old. He’s been loaned out all over the place and has always been highly rated by everyone involved with Chelsea. He broke in to the first team under Carlo Ancelotti and did well, but was then shipped out to Swansea on loan the following season. That was the mistake, that was the pinnacle where he could have nailed down his place, but he was failed by the club and not fully trusted as with many of them.

Josh Mceachran
Josh Mceachran
Look at Southampton, one of the best youth academies in the world and they actually put faith in their players coming through it, a whole wrath of talent have come from this system including Gareth Bale. But would Bale be where he is now if he came through Chelsea’s loan system? Probably yes as his talent is just too ridiculous to ignore, but it does make you think.

Obviously we need to add players to our squad, Liverpool are buying more every day and getting stronger as will both Manchester clubs be. In order to keep our title and challenge for Europe, we need to add players and yes some will need to be the big name players. But perhaps instead of signing another striker, why not give Bamford that chance? Or do we really need another midfielder if we still have Mikel, Ramires, Oscar, Fabregas and Matic? Why not just throw Loftus-Cheek in there as well, he’s got the quality and for me he is ready. Let’s not loan him out and then in two seasons time go and buy him back for £30 million, because that’s what he will be worth in a few years time. And is Blackman not good enough to be considered as a decent back up to Courtois at the age of 21? Do we really need to spend £8 million and bring in Begovic?

I’ll leave you to ponder your thoughts on this, but remember to follow my Twitter here for the latest Chelsea news @cfcneteditor
Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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