The last couple of days have seen many comments from players and the Manager alike claiming that in a nutshell, things aren’t good enough.

As Chelsea prepare to take on Porto in Europe, I believe I echo the thoughts of Chelsea fans when I say that I am sick of seeing players talking to the press claiming the obvious, it’s about time that they did their talking on the pitch. The worst thing is that the players who are doing these “we need to be better” interviews are also the players who are playing the poorest, Cesc Fabregas being the latest yesterday.

I’m not interested in the players telling us that they have been poor, we all know this. I want to see a difference on the pitch starting with more effort. The first half of the the Newcastle game at the weekend, they weren’t poor, they simply played at 50% effort levels and therefore Newcastle had more desire and wanted it more. That was not a case of being poor, we need to see more.

Jose Mourinho has also had some harsh words to say in the press yesterday, most notably saying that his players have an ‘unstable attitude’ right now and that none of them are ‘untouchable’. He also claimed that if they don’t start playing better then he ‘will play the kids’.

Well, as I said yesterday in my latest article on this website – this is what needs to happen if we are to attempt to bring a title challenge back on track. Players MUST be dropped all over the park and more competition needs to be introduced in order to keep it fresh and increase efforts levels and desire.

Mourinho is basically saying that if this poor form continues, then this is what will happen. But for me, this is too late and it should have happened 5 matches a go. Why he’s insisted on playing the same under performing eleven is beyond belief.

So Mr Mourinho, let’s hope you stick to these words and shake things up as to me this is a fabricated and struggling machine that used to be so well oiled.

I can best compare this side to buying a brand new vehicle that was great to begin with but through time had been neglected, services had been ignored and new parts not bought – so therefore it is now struggling on to a low level performance but it’s owner refuses to give up on it.

Jose – you don’t need to buy a new vehicle, you simply need to buy some new parts, not necessarily from a garage, let’s see what we have in our own garage first!

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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