Over the past few days I’ve been noticing a growing support for Avram Grant. He’s not exactly my cup of tea, and compared to Mr Mourinho he’s not fit to wear his coat in terms of charm and charisma and medals.

Whilst some supporters have voiced their outrage at Avram, even directing insults at his appearance and personality. I’m starting to get a little defensive about him. OK so I can’t quite find the interest to listen and hang on to every word he says on my TV at the moment, but he does seem to be doing a decent job where it counts.

The boat is steadying and although I don’t turn up at the Bridge as confident as I was when Mr Mourinho was in charge, I’m slowly thinking that Avram could be underestimated by us. We have all said before that not all managers can manage just because they have unlimited spending. So surely managing those very same players must be a similar task?

Unfortunately for Avram, every team has a fall guy, every team has a player that gets dogs abuse as soon as something goes wrong. Judging by reactions I’ve witnessed, Avram seems to be the person who will get jumped on as soon as a performance is adjudged to be under par.

We’ve even let away fans abuse our manager in recent games with no retort. He may be fat and not so special but he is still our fat and not so special one.

Whilst having a good moan or a booing can make you feel better, surely this isn’t constructive for the on the park activities? In fact some of this behaviour can make a match day a miserable experience for some people. I even witnessed fans refusing to celebrate the winning goal against Newcastle after Avram subbed Joe Cole. Each to their own, but at least we haven’t got George Graham or someone as equally controversial such as Rafa for instance. Sends shivers down the spine doesn’t it?

Avram may not be the most charismatic guy in the world. He may not be the most pleasant on the eye, although that’s not up to me to judge. More importantly he may not have the experience we expect now as one of Europe’s top clubs. He is however, the manager of Chelsea FC. He’s the manager of our team so why don’t we get behind Avram and judge him at the end of season?

I’m prepared to bite the bullet and give him a chance, are you?

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