I was just doing the rounds on some of the Chelsea FC websites a couple of days ago and noticed that, quite rightly, people are not happy with being dumped out of the greatest cup competition in the world by Barnsley. Firstly, I was un-fortunate enough to have been there in the late 80s when Chelsea lost by four goals. Surely losing by one goal is an improvement and demonstrates to some new fans that we have actually improved as a team over the last 19 years of so.

Seriously though. Let me tell you why I think that CFCnet is amongst the best Chelsea websites around. Firstly we are completely impartial and independent. We are not politically motivated and we are not all like minded individuals. Now that’s the key. To be part of CFCnet you don’t have to think the same as everyone else here. There are moderators on CFCnet who will never have a similar thought to me in my lifetime. But I respect their opinions and they probably don’t give an iota about mine. But that’s how it works.

The Avram Grant debate rages on throughout Cyberspace and if you were to browse other football forums you would be led to believe that Avram is about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit. I’ve seen even seen people claim that 99.9% of Chelsea fans want Grant to be sacked. However here on CFCnet the stats are a little different.

Our first Avram poll was conducted after the Carling Cup Final. The results highlighted that 42% of you guys believe that he should stay in charge of the team for the foreseeable future. A figure of support far higher than a casual surf around the Internet leads us to believe.

We have been running another poll since the Barnsley game and again the results are quite surprising with just over 61% blaming Grant and nearly 31% blaming the team. The percentage of people blaming the team is very interesting as it’s an area that has hardly been mentioned since Saturday.

OK so a majority support is against Grant, (60% ish) but it’s important to note that Grant still has support and this is a message that the team must know as well. The team needs to know that all Chelsea fans are behind them on a match day regardless of which manager we want in charge. We may not be able to make decisions internally at the club but we can do our bit by getting behind the team on a match day and as far as I’m concerned that includes Grant.

We haven’t got to chant his name or anything but let’s stop moaning about him at every given opportunity. Is it important that people around you need to know that you don’t like Grant? Wouldn’t it be better to join in with the singing? Like him or hate him he needs our encouragement and support for the rest of this season at least.

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