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On September 30th, a scurrilous article appeared in The Daily Mail suggesting that Chelsea supporters were loath to make the midweek trip to watch their side play against Hull City, a game that is scheduled for Tuesday 28th of October and the only way that Stamford Bridge officials could persuade them to go was by offering them free train travel.The article – written by a Mail journalist who writes under the pseudonym ‘Hatchet Man’ – was entitled “Posh Chelsea supporters don’t fancy a trip to Hull and back” and read as follows: “Hull City may have pulled off one of the shocks of the season by beating Arsenal at The Emirates, but a trip to the KC Stadium is still a major turn off for rival supporters.

Chelsea believe their fair-weather fans are so uninterested in making the trip north to watch their team face Phil Brown’s side next month, they are putting on free rail transport as an incentive.

Maybe fans think lightning can striker twice and Hull will give Chelsea a shock too – because it cannot be that the well-heeled many who follow Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side cannot afford the train fare.”

After reading the article, many Chelsea supporters were offended by the suggestion that they didn’t ‘fancy a trip to Hull’ and several contacted this website, The Chelsea Supporters Group and our contemporaries in the shape of to make clear exactly what they thought of the piece.

We here at view the article that appeared in The Daily Mail as ill informed, under researched and another example of pure unadulterated lazy journalism.

As we as Chelsea supporters know, had the journalist done his research properly, he would have discovered that Chelsea FC have very kindly provided travel to several matches in recent previous seasons and laid on a subsidised train for supporters attending last weekend’s match away to Stoke City.

As well as that, Chelsea are also laying on trains and coaches for the forthcoming away trip to Middlesbrough and there are plans in the pipeline for more away trips to be covered by the club in what can only be described as a very magnanimous offer of either free or subsidised transport.

It appears from his article that Hatchet Man cares little or has no knowledge of the hassle involved in travelling to Hull from London for a midweek evening fixture via public transport and, because it is impossible for supporters to return after the match, concerned individuals at Chelsea decided to cater for the supporters.

Whilst we here at are given to understand that the Hatchet Man’s column is purely his ‘opinion’ on what is happening within the world of sport, to us here and other Chelsea supporters, his article is nothing less than biased and blatantly anti-Chelsea when, in actual fact, those at Chelsea who have been generous enough to help the supporters should be getting praise, especially in these times of recession.

With all the above in mind, we here at are appealing to all Chelsea supporters to boycott The Daily Mail in order that the editors of Associated Newspapers are clear exactly what the Stamford Bridge faithful think about the lies that they allowed Hatchet Man to publish.

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