I did not sleep well last night. Unless you are a Tottenham fan who has come to this website to gloat, I doubt whether you did either. It had to happen at some point. I mean, there is no divine law for us never to lose to Spurs. It just seemed like it over the past twelve years rather than just a combination of brilliant performances and good fortune.

Okay, we could have lost 3-2 and still gone through. Then it would not have mattered that we lost. Everyone going on about this record against Spurs has almost become a noose. Why has every Chelsea fan I have spoken to before the match felt a sense of doom? Strange. And why did every Spurs fan at work yesterday – I work in north London – have that smug complacent smile?

Rather than dwell on last night’s defeat, memories of twelve glorious years come flooding back. Four in particular come to my mind (excluding the 6-1 as I was not there): the 3-2 at home very early in the run, when Lineker scored and missed a penalty, I think; 3-0 in the famous Gulf War League Cup match, when we played them off the pitch at their place; 4-3 at home on a Sunday evening not long before the 1994 FA Cup final, 2-0 down quite early, amazing comeback and
loads of drama; and 1-0 at home a couple of years ago, when George Weir arrived in the morning and finished off Spurs in the evening.

I also remember when they last beat us at their place. Steve Wicks (I think) was unjustly sent off. They had to cheat to beat us then!

It has been a fantastic twelve years and these matches have given us all great memories. I would rather get the nostalgia out of the way early on, unlike Spurs, who seemed to have lived on it for years. They still harp back to the double team of 40+ years ago. I would much rather the team bounced straight back in our forthcoming home match against them. Let’s start another run and then we might just allow them another 90 minutes of satisfaction in 2014.

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