After witnessing a generally poor international performance from the sought after Wayne Rooney, it was somewhat part of the script to see his club manager David Moyes in the ITV studio, talking about his players performance and future. We all know that Moyes has firmly stated that Rooney is NOT FOR SALE and will NOT be leaving United. We are all also well aware that manager’s can and will say these things for a number of different reasons and then the opposite happens just the very next day, it’s how the silly season works, we all like a good drama.

Interestingly, reports surfaced on Wednesday night that potential Chelsea target Samuel Eto’o, who is all set to quit Anzhi, is also wanted by Moyes at Manchester United. Some have claimed this is merely a ploy to get Chelsea moving faster in their attentions to sign the Cameroon international in an attempt to move them away from Rooney. Others are suggesting that this would mean that Rooney’s potential move to Chelsea is very much still on and Moyes’s cover ups are merely just a distraction, suggesting that United could well be looking at bringing in Eto’o as a replacement for Rooney.

Mourinho has previously stated that Chelsea will be in the hunt for Rooney until the last day of the transfer window and will do all they can to seal the deal, there is no hiding that fact and the two official bids made by Chelsea for Rooney are bold statements of their intentions. However, on the same Wednesday evening that we heard of United’s interest in Eto’o, Mourinho has been quoted in an interview reacting to comments made by Eto’o saying he’d very much like to work with Mourinho again. The Special One said he was happy to hear of Eto’o’s words and says its always nice to hear that players want to work with you again and concluded the interview saying “we will see what happens’. These are pinnacle quotes for this whole saga in my opinion, very much opening the door for Eto’o to move to Stamford Bridge, perhaps suggesting that The Blues could be looking defeated in their pursuit for Rooney and are seriously considering other options, solely being Samuel Eto’o at this moment in time.

The only sure fact about this saga right now is that Chelsea are indeed very much in the market for a striker suggesting that Mourinho is not prepared to lay his faith solely in Romelu Lukaku, Demba Ba and out of form Fernando Torres. Perhaps we will see another deadline day drama at the Bridge involving helicopters flying around London completing medical’s and various paperwork… Might I suggest that you all book that day off work in advance!

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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