The Sun are running a story that Manchester City star Yaya Toure wants to leave. According to the Sun Chelsea would be interested in Yaya due to Chelsea wanting to replace Frank Lampard. I for one would like to see Yaya at Chelsea but not at the expense of “200 goals” Super Frank.

Apparently the other interested party is Real Madrid where Jose Mourinho has been a fan of Yaya for a few years. Can we put two and two together here? Could we see both at the Bridge next season? Would that soften the blow of Frank leaving?

The media seem convinced that Frank will leave Chelsea at the end of the season, but many high profile Chelsea supporters seem to think that Frank will stay and see out the rest of his career. I’m not convinced and last years failed “land grab” and the appointment of Benitez and his continued backing shows just how badly advised the owner can be.

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