Good afternoon Blues and welcome to CFCnet’s regular transfer news update, where we take a look at the potential arrivals and departures at Stamford Bridge this summer.

First up, according to Spanish press, Chelsea are to up their £40 million offer to Liverpool for Raheem Sterling by a few extra million bringing the offer up to £43 million.

Manchester City are offering somewhere around the same amount for the England International but Liverpool have made it clear they are holding out for at least £50 million.

This could be difficult and they may well need to accept one of the lower offers as the Anfield club continue to get large deals done early and are seemingly spending a fair amount of cash, so will need money from the sale of Sterling.

Do I consider Sterling to be worth £43 million? In a nutshell, no I don’t. But when you put things into perspective and look at the fact we are considering paying £30 million for a 28-year old (Turan) for the same position, then perhaps the fee isn’t all that bad for a young player of Sterling’s calibre. I do believe he is a huge talent and the prospect of having him across the attacking three alongside Willian and Eden Hazard is really quite mouth watering.

This brings me on to my next subject, Arda Turan. Although we understood yesterday that there was a high chance he would be joining Chelsea and could announce this by Friday this week. New reports coming in would suggest the exact opposite, in fact I am even told that there is no chance of Turan joining Chelsea. We shall see.

Since going to press with our previous article yesterday, it has all but been officially confirmed that Stoke Keeper Asmir Begovic is joining Chelsea, as the Blues have an £8 million offer accepted by the Potters.

Doting the i’s and crossing the t’s is all that is left now to confirm the deal as reports suggest that Begovic has his heart set on replacing Petr Cech at Chelsea, even as number two.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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