I was discussing Tuesday night’s football with a friend, which, with John Terry in mind, led me on to thinking about player contracts. For anyone who’s interested here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

I saw the first half in the pub. Let’s be honest, we were pretty poor.

Gerrard’s goal was well made, but it was almost against the run of play. My principle interest was of course in Frank Lampard. I thought that he played OK, but he kept drifting into the middle when he was meant to be on the left, as I understood the formation.

I missed the early stages of the second half, but listened to the last half an hour on the radio. I was delighted to hear that John Terry got on for his first full cap. Let’s just hope that Aaron Lincoln, his agent and our former kit man, does not overplay John’s new full international status in any contract negotiations with CFC. After all John has 2 years to run on his current 4-year deal.

It’s laughable really how these guys all want to renegotiate half way though the contract’s term. It is a one-way street though. Chelsea does not expect to do the same with someone like Winston Bogarde.

Surely if players can renegotiate their deals mid term on the grounds of exceptional over performance, then the club should be able to do the same if they under perform (or even fail to perform at all!)

I think that clubs like Chelsea will introduce a much greater element of PRP into basic contracts in the very near future, so that players are paid for performances and results, not just for turning up at training. I know that they get bonuses on top at the moment, but how about a standard £10K a week, plus £10K for each starting appearance and half that for coming on as sub? Add in say £10K win bonus per match, but nothing for a draw and they could easily earn £30K a week if they have 2 matches and win them both. Add something extra for the MOM (voted for by the squad?) and bigger bonuses for actually winning a trophy (for instance based on say 10% of the prize money shared amongst the squad evenly) and final league positions, and then you have what I would call a fair package.

At the top end someone like Carlo Cudicini, Frank Lampard or William Gallas, the latter two who played in every game last season might have earned a basic £520K, plus a further £480K appearance money, plus £250K win bonuses, plus any MOM awards say £10K, plus £40K share of PL prize money, making a total of £1.3M, or £25K per week.

Poor old Winston would on the other had have had to settle for his £520K basic, plus £5K for one substitute appearance and a single £10k win bonus, and his share of the squad prize money, £40K, making a total of £575K or just over £11K per week.

In the middle a squad player like Jody Morris would have earn £520K + £200K (approx) + £100K (approx) + £40K = £860K = £16.5K per week.

In order to protect a player who feels that he is being frozen out buy the coach I would allow a notice period of 1 month for every I year of the contract term. So if you are on a 1-year contract you can give the club 1 months notice and visa versa, whereas if you are on a 6 year contract it’s 6 months notice either way.

This also allows clubs to trim their wage bill quickly if they get relegated.

I might make some concessions for goalkeepers as clearly they are in a special position. They could be allowed a higher basic and lower appearance fee.

Also concessions need to be made for injured players. Their earnings could be insured, although this would be expensive.

What do you think?

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