Chelsea’s Under-18s, under something of a more intense spotlight this weekend after the week the club has had, this morning beat Bristol City 1-0 away from home, courtesy of a goal from Austrian striker Philipp Prosenik, back from an international spell out of sync with the rest of the world.

It’s a positive result away to a team who have performed well against Chelsea in recent seasons, and also notably in a 5-4 pre-season defeat. The clean sheet is therefore not only an improvement, but a second in a row, which is a very positive sign given last season’s problems and this season’s makeshift defence. The Blues played the last 25 minutes with a man down as Milan Lalkovic finally snapped after an hour of niggle and provocation by retaliating with impetuousness, and earning a red card he will need to learn from.

The match will also have been notable for Chelsea’s youngsters facing some of their former schoolboy colleagues, as City (managed by ex-Blue and CFCnet columnist David Lee) feature Daryn Hennessy, Harry Rubbins, Lee Stripp and Nathan Livings amongst their ranks.

As mentioned, the spotlight from the likes of Joe Lovejoy, clearly out for a piece with a negative slant to it in a week full of them, will have been stronger on the players today, and in a tough venue against good opposition, this is a very positive win to start a spell of away games for the team.

You can read the full report now on Chelsea’s official website.

Team: Walker, Sampayo, Strickland, Mills, Hayden, Saville, B. Clifford, Kaby, Lalkovic, Prosenik, Mitrovic
Subs: Haxhia, Knott, Deen-Conteh, Devyne

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