This summers transfer window seems to be dominated by players who wish to leave their current club, but they’re making a stance, publicly stating their intentions and claiming they are not allowing their player to leave. We have the Luis Suarez situation at Liverpool and Gareth Bale at Tottenham. Along with that, we have Chelsea’s open pursuit of United striker Wayne Rooney. The England hit man however, has not made any official transfer requests to his club and not expressed his feelings, unlike Suarez at Liverpool.

Now although I understand the resistance to allowing your star player to leave and join a rival, at the same time I just do not understand how or why you would want to keep a player at the club when they blatantly do not want to be there. Personally I would not want any player at my club who has publicly stated they want to leave, regardless of where they went and I would show them the door, albeit at the same time attempting to negotiate his move to be away from my closest rivals, which may not always be possible. I still wouldn’t want this player amongst my squad for not a day longer, there will be no passion, no desire, no respect, no heart and a bad attitude affecting all things in the camp, rubbing off on other players and causing all sorts of problems right before a new season. It is not sensible keeping a player in those circumstances.

Rooney’s situation isn’t quite like this, although seemingly obvious that the player wants to leave and sources close to him have stated this fact, he is yet to put in a transfer request and to me this makes it too difficult for any transfer to Chelsea to happen. David Moyes is adamant that Rooney is staying at United and with Mourinho already having two bids rejected, we must now be sizing up different options. Having said that, I’m sure this will not be the end of the Rooney saga just yet.

The other options seem to be few and far between, it seems to me that Mourinho wants Rooney because of the player who he is and his admiration of his talent, bot because he is desperate to land a striker. You would think that Chelsea were in the market for a striker with the goings on during this window, but I feel that if Mourinho fails to land Rooney, it will be Romelu Lukaku who will be leading that line against Hull City at Stamford Bridge on the 18th. This could be deemed as risky and certainly has supporters split down the middle with opinions. Many feel Lukaku is ready to step up, but many feel that he cannot be relied on yet with only Fernando Torres and Demba Ba as the other options. But Mourinho has also stated in a recent interview that he is determined to get Torres back to his best, suggesting that the Spaniard will also play a big part in the campaign again this season, once again causing controversy and split opinions amongst supporters.

Another controversial story that has been reported by many of the top British press sources state that Anzhi forward Samual Eto’o, is Chelsea’s plan B if they fail to land Rooney. I have seen many supporting this idea and many apposing it. The Cameroon International is a powerful goal poaching striker who can also operate behind the front man, nobody doubts his ability but the concerns are that he has lost his biggest weapon being his pace, and he is now standing at 32-years old which is against Chelsea’s  procedures of buying young recently. It would certainly only be a short term fix if this did happen.

Personally, in my opinion, I am not apposed to signing Rooney or Eto’o, I feel that we cannot rely on Lukaku, Torres and Ba simply because the latter two players did not perform well enough to be the pinnacle of our attack last season and although I think Lukaku is good enough to step up, I feel he’ll need another top class forward to rotate with and both Rooney and Eto’o can do that job. I’m happy with Lukaku leading our line and he will be an important player for us this season and will get many goals, but all I’ll say is that I will not be 100% reliant on the squad if we settle with just him, Torres and Ba as our front options, I feel we just need that extra proven striker to rely on alongside Lukaku.

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