The latest Fans Forum (before the Hull match) was all about ticketing, with not much else to report.  The main points I took from the meeting are as detailed below.

I was unhappy at the lack of time allocated to talking about the away tickets split.  The huge majority of the time was spent on 16-21 year olds, so people barely got to raise their points for the STH/member split, and it was just a quick vote.  The vote had two people vote 50/50, nine voted 60/40 and five voted 70/30.

The two members voted 50/50, although one of which, when asked, admitted before this (during the meeting) that 70/30 would be fair.  Ron Gourley asked for a show of hands to see how many people were STH, and the huge majority were.

Due to wanting to limit the amount of 16-21 year old tickets the club were more in favour of 16-18 year olds having these tickets, although perhaps next time this can be pushed to students between 18-21 as well.

The club agreed to trial unreserved seating for home League Cup matches next season, provided it isn’t against the big four, they didn’t state whether they would against a London rival.  This is due to a reduction in seating of 10% so they do not want to cause fans to miss it if against a big team.   Pending a successful trial it may be used in other matches too, but it has not been discussed which ones.

Graham Smith has clarified that upon checking the audit trail there was no errors for the Southend Away game.

I would like to have brought up the fan in the Shed Lower who was ejected against Middlesbrough, but as Ed Ashwell was not in attendance, I didn’t see the benefit in bringing it up.

On a personal note, Ron Gourlay said he doesn’t see a reason why the banners cannot be permanently hung in both stands, we are awaiting his confirmation that this is definitely OK to do.

Whilst on the subject of banners, something that I should have mentioned a month ago, I would like to extend my thanks to David Johnstone, for using his contacts with the club to sort me out a pass allowing me early entry into the Shed and MH Upper tiers to hang the banners, this has been of great benefit and is much appreciated.

There will be games still where even with banners being permanently hung, entry will be required, i.e. when the opposition only takes 1500 we can get all the banners up, and in cup matches when we lose the Shed End they can be put alongside those in the MHU.

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