Good morning Blues and welcome to Thursday’s transfer news update from CFCnet, where we take a look at the latest potential arrivals, departures and done deals at Stamford Bridge this summer.

Well, perhaps we should have bad starts to the season more often? It seems to have put a rocket up the rear ends of Chelsea’s owners!

From going from being happy with the current squad, to all of a sudden realising that we might actually need to spend some cash this summer – owner Roman Abramovich has reacted to the poor performances in pre-season and the first two games in the league.

Pedro will sign from Barcelona by the weekend for a fee of around £21 million, seemingly a deal that has been pipped from the clasps of Manchester United, all down to the persuasions of Cesc Fabregas and his girlfriend apparently, who have convinced Pedro to join them in London.

The medical was apparently passed yesterday and the deal will be officially announced today or tomorrow. Pedro could well be in the squad for West Brom on Sunday, which is an exciting prospect.

So with that amazing coup and high class addition to the side, who else could be coming? Well, we all know about the John Stones saga. The latest is that Chelsea WILL offer the desired £40 million that is expected to finally see Everton budge on their stance to keep Stones.

£40 million too much? Perhaps yes, but I’ve been saying all along you must see this as an investment and when you put that £40 million over the expected ten years that Chelsea will want Stones to be the back bone of the side, it really isn’t that much.

Finally – there is solid reports that Chelsea are in talks with Juventus to bring in midfielder Paul Pogba. Originally Chelsea were put off but his apparent high fee that was first quoted as being over £80 million, but with this new desire to bring in players – Chelsea are looking at offering up to £60 million for the French International.

Pogba is one of the best players in world football today and is a hot property. The Blues have been monitoring him all summer and will make the offer and possibly add in the loan of Juan Cuadrado in return.

There has also been talk that Ramires may be offered in as part of a deal but I see that as highly unlikely.

It could be an exciting final couple of weeks up to deadline day for Chelsea supporters!

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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