Virgin Media brought the fishing rods out a few days ago, there are lots of articles on us these days, some are well thought out, others are poorly constructed, this falls into the latter. The author has clearly masterminded a deliberate ploy for the bait to be taken, with his shallow reasoning’s, lack of substance or examples to back up any of his brief sentences, the one eyed opinions read like a kids sentence at times. An article that is surely so ill-argued to it’s hard not to create some form of a reaction, as has happened here.

Richard Branson’s uprising is one perceived to be a rags to riches story, but it is indeed far from it. Whilst orphan Roman began flogging dolls in Russian markets, later managing to fast track his way up the oily ladder, tapping into investment opportunities on the way, Richard was being fed a silver spooned life, the money given to him by his dad to start his first business was today’s equivalent of £3million. The only similarities they share is having loyal advisors to them and a dislike for answering to shareholders.

So anyway, a quick look at the reasons show that some are, in fact, jealousy, and others are very one eyed. The first two reasons seem to be like the proverbial elephant in the rooms, and most of the others fuelled by the authors dislike for certain Chelsea personnel.

One – We’d been selling out Stamford Bridge for years before Roman came, but we weren’t hated then, our attendances of the early and mid nineties never bothered people in 2002.

Two – No one cares about David Mellor, and no one hates Chelsea just because Tim Lovejoy used to be a Watford fan (something I’d not heard before). As with the last point, Lovejoy (And Mellor) had been Chelsea pre-Abramovich, but this was never a problem then.

Three – The plastic flags, an idea which has since been copied by Spurs and Arsenal. The Kop’s only loud for second legs, it’s been dismal when they’ve been at home first.

Four – When we won back to back titles, United still had the three record transfers in England, and people were happy a different team won the league. United enjoyed years of whoring themselves out on the stock-market to buy big, Liverpool fans want DIC to take them over because they are wealthier then their current owners, money’s the way forward in football now sadly, we were just quick on the uptake.

Five – As proved at Juventus, Ranieri wasn’t good enough to land the title. Grant, as has proved by still being out of a job, isn’t the manager he’d like to appear to be. Scolari, no quabbles on that one, can be argued he was shafted early, he should have been given the season at least, I don’t see Real Madrid being hated and they got rid of Capello and Del Bosque for winning the league. Anyone wanting to use a managerial merry-go-round as a legitimate reason to hate Chelsea is clearly clutching at straws. (Spurs and Portsmouth have got through as many managers in as many years, too)

Six – Naming just one game JT has influenced by being the ‘refs assistant’ would have been a good start, being vague with a statement doesn’t pass it off as fact. He walked off the pitch without complaint when unfairly dismissed against Spurs and Man City (both were rescinded) but this is forgotten about. He, like most captains, approaches the ref, Steve Gerrard can ask refs to send Everton players off, Rooney’s allowed to shout at them, Terry’s behaviour is normally very relaxed and assertive.

Blagging the captaincy at international level, a shot that couldn’t be fairly aimed even when MacLaren was in charge, but too absurd and petty a comment to fully respond to.

(If your going to slag off Terry about reffing, surely it’s for trying to snatch Mike Deans red card when sending off Obi at Old Trafford)

Seven – Ashley Cole, on the pitch has added three more winners medals to his collection, and four runners up ones. Had he have stayed at Arsenal, he’d have acquired just one League Cup runners up medal (No prizes for guessing who they lost to). One time on the pitch he made the headlines for us, the media seem to forget about the eight goals in the game.

Off the pitch – Managed to convince Cheryl to stay with him AND on the way to doing the dirty used the line ‘You should feel privileged that Ashley Cole threw up in your car’.

Eight – Lampard, as well as Rooney, Gerrard, Carragher and Beckham has been guilty of releasing an early autobiography, he’s not hated for it.

And who can forget those deflected goals to help knock Liverpool out of Europe, and the one to win us the F.A Cup. It was years ago people said Lampard scored deflections, does the author actually watch football or just borrow outdated opinions?

It’s hard to put your finger on why Lampard is hated, none of the reasons listed are ever given by fans, the author seems to enjoy jumping on the bandwagon, so I’ll give him a clue, talk about his England performances, that’s where he gets most of his misguided flack.

He’s loved by fans of the team he plays for which is good enough for me, there’s not been pictures of Chelsea fans posing in their back gardens burning his shirt, he’s never handed in a transfer request either.

Nine – Chelsea fans can provide enough ammo for this, poor reasons yet again. One outburst on TV camera’s and one incident of throwing a coin back (not the first player to do so) are very lazy reasons, again, he and Chelsea were hated before this. Since Drogba joined Chelsea, Gerrard has more bookings for diving.

Ten – Peter Kenyon, the author doesn’t seem to have the same business nous as his own top dog Branson, supposing the 8000 we got at home games was relevant (or accurate – reason one to hate us quoted the figure at almost 9000), then turning us into a global brand – which we undisputedly are – means he has delivered on what he was brought in for.

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