It seems easy to get on the backs of players these days, but somehow it’s a bit more difficult to show your appreciation.

Take England v Switzerland recently. We were only 30 minutes into the game when, although admittedly nervy and tedious, the boos started to ring out around the ground. Good job Joey Cole lifted the place, wasn’t it? Without getting into a debate on when, if ever you should berate your own players, I’d rather talk about the positives, or rather lack of.

Why don’t all our players have songs? It’s only recently that Michael Ballack got his name sung (at the Fulham game) and of course it’s taken an indiscretion on Ashley Cole’s part to get him a “verse 2” on the back of “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every . . . where, Joey Cole, Joey Cole”. Not quite what he was hoping for, I guess, but a song all the same.

It’s great that the fans have taken to Nicolas Anelka and given him a song or two. It’s just a shame that the likes of Pizarro, Sidwell, Mikel and Alex don’t have one yet – at least not one that is sung by the masses. I think we need more songs for players, so I would like to start the ball rolling by offering one up for a guy who could be a hero in Blue if he sticks around for long enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . .Juliano Belletti.

It’s a two-way thing between fans and players. Of course, fans sing players’ names and the lads respond with a wave or a clap. I reckon Belletti would give you more.

Just look at him – you can see the passion in his eyes. It’s mirrored by the way he plays. Lovers of attacking football can’t help to have been impressed by his rampaging runs down the right flank, not to mention his two stunning strikes against Wigan and Spurs. The way he celebrated these goals and indeed ones by his team mates makes him stand out in my book.

The guy just wants to be loved by the fans, so surely we can oblige? So what if his defending is sometimes not top notch? We don’t chant players’ names just because they are tactically astute, do we?

I just want players representing my team who will stand up to any opposition on any ground under any conditions, give 100% and play to their abilities, win, lose or draw. It’s high time we had another Joey Jones at the Club and whilst probably not as mad as our famous Welsh left back, I am sure Belletti will respond in a positive way. He just needs someone to tell him he’s valued, that’s all.

So, what do you think? As for a song, why not try the old one used for past players like Peter Bonetti and (even) Duncan McKenzie.

So, altogether now . . . .


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