After singing the praises of David Luiz to high heaven in our last posting, it’s with great sadness that CFCnet declares we’re going to have to give the floppy Brazilian perm a miss for the time being.

Nothing against our new superstar you understand, we still think he’ll become the future captain of Chelsea someday – he’s the standout candidate after only eight weeks at the Bridge – but his performance against Stoke had us enquiring whether Delilah had been chopping his hair.

On only eight minutes, Stoke’s Jonathan Walters turned David Luiz on the half way line and left him for dead before running at our defence and drilling in a shot that beat Cech at the near post.  Depending on your affiliations, it was either a majestic individual effort by an underrated Republic of Ireland international or shocking defending by the meanest back four in the Premiership.  We’ll plump for the latter with David Luiz singled out for allowing Walters to, metaphorically speaking, mug him.

More concerning to CFCnet was that David Luiz let the same thing happen in the second half, with nearly the same result.  He’s going to have to sharpen up. Still, despite it not being his finest hour, CFCnet retains its faith in our new Brazilian signing.

To be honest, although the title now feels completely out of our reach, CFCnet is not overwhelmed with despondency.  Our mid-season run was as poor a string of results as we can remember and by January we would have settled for a top four berth – at that time any mention of the title was answered by the simple text code LMFAO.  Although our revival has come too late to resurrect our championship hopes, we’re just happy to have ‘our team back’ and we’re still brimming with confidence for our forthcoming Champions League quarter final against United.

We’re also realistic that our previous seven straight victories against the Potters had to come to an end sometime.  Indeed, Tony Pulis acknowledged that this was the first point Stoke had taken off Chelsea in the Premiership.  Even then, we nearly beat Stoke with Drogba narrowly missing a hat trick courtesy of the woodwork.  We’re in good shape, something that Ancelotti remarked on over the weekend.

Finally, a quick word about a new flag that will soon appear in the Matthew Harding Upper.  In January an anonymous benefactor asked CFCnet to help create a banner in honour of our Russian owner.  The two winning flags as judged by the CFCnet Forum were titled, “From Russia With Love” and “Roman Empire”. You’ll have to wait till Wednesday evening to see which one eventually made the cut.  Our thanks to Darren Mantle for organising it all.

People often enquire who decides what Chelsea flags appear at the Bridge.  It’s quite simple.  If there is a banner you’d like to see at Chelsea, send an email to [email protected] as well as advice on how we can finance transforming your dream into reality. We will then turn the idea over to our Forums to judge its merits and, if it makes the grade and the finance is forthcoming, you’ll see it up at the Bridge every other week.  Alternatively, you can make one yourself but, believe me, you’ll soon tire of putting it out every home game!

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