Petr Cech has called on his team mates to replicate Chelsea’s superb away form at home.

Chelsea have won only once in their last five league games in SW6. However the away form is exemplary with eleven wins out of eleven. The early goal is the key according to big Pete.

Sunday’s draw with West Ham was particularly frustrating after Liverpool had “earnt a crucial point” against Hull City the previous day.

Inter Milan’s Sporting Director Marco Branco has cooled the rumor that Drogba is heading for Italy in the near future. “There’s no Drogba dream,” Branca said on Inter Milan’s website.  “Inter already have numerous strikers that cover every role. Drogba has been at Chelsea for many years and is doing well there. We have our strikers that are also doing well here.”

It’s been a frustrating season for Chelsea fans with Drogba’s injury and self afflicted suspension. He’s probably not fully fit at the moment but he needs to regain the form that can make him one of the most feared strikers in Europe again. Only he knows whether or not he wants to stay a blue. It looks to me that he not getting on with Big Phil which isn’t helping. In my opinion Drogba is the kind of character that needs a man hug every now and then and maybe Phil isn’t that kind of coach.

The fans have stuck by Didier in the main and he’s an easy player to criticize. So maybe Drogba will roll up his sleeves and get some goals and Chelsea fans a last hurrah if he’s off somewhere to where he can get his regular cuddles.

Thanks to those wonderful people at Setanta Chelsea fans have to make a trip to Goodison Park on Monday. This should be an interesting tussle with Everton’s Premier League home form being pretty poor. Just one victory so far this season to be precise. The timing of this reminds me of a Friday night fixture away against Birmingham City fairly close to Xmas. I didn’t attend the fixture myself as I was at a Xmas party in Park Royal but I can remember ringing Clubcall two or three times to see how the game was going. From memory it finished with Chelsea scoring four. Two each from Dixon and the soon to be “home sick” Gordon Durie. I also remember that although the attendance was fairly low Chelsea fans just about doubled it.

The draw for the next stages of the Champions League is being made later today at 11am. Due to finishing second in the group Chelsea could face one of the bigger European clubs. Deco’s already looking forward to playing against his old team Barcelona. Seems like he’s been looking at the same crystal ball as me, as I’ve already predicted a match up between Chelsea and the Spanish giants. A further disadvantage with finishing second in the group is that we would probably play the all important second leg away from the Bridge. I’d personally prefer the second leg at home sweet home. Regardless of our current Premiership home form.

Deco himself will have to put some extra effort in if we are to progress in the competition. Some people are pointing the finger at Deco in response to some of our poor home results. I’m not entirely convinced we should blame him for the poor form but I guess people feel the need to blame someone whilst Malouda is on the sidelines.

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