After a somewhat rockier than expected ride, we are now finally able to reveal what Peter’s been slavishly working away on these past few months. We think it rocks, and hope you do too. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to CFCnet 5!

We’ve still a few teething problems at the moment, we’ve had a nightmare with our old hosts being a bit naughty and also some of the integration in the new forum skin and menus. It’s all coming so be patient with us.

For now though, please have a look around the new site, check out the most popular articles to the right, archived ones to the left and most recent ones through the middle. The related articles feature is far more intelligent and you can now comment on articles as well as rating them as well. The News feeds at the top should come in useful and the tag cloud is pretty smart too, we hope you like it.

I’d just like to say a few words in thanks to those who’ve done so much for us this year. Jerry for his atmosphere work, Pete Bull, Homerdaz and Millbank for their parts. Ove, Nona, Karan and the rest of the moderation team for doing a better job than I do in keeping it running. Chris for his excellent work for us. Jez for his constant support and advice, all of it good. Rob for still being the best writer on the site, and Grahame for being a voice of reason this summer.

Finally, to Peter. Mr CFCnet himself. You’re a legend. Thanks for everything mate, especially this spanking new site. To all of you out there, the members and readers of the forum, the readers of the site and everyone connected in some way to CFCnet. Thanks for reading, we hope you like the new site and also hope you have a great 2008 too.

We’ll be back up to full speed soon enough, with much much more coming soon so watch this space.

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