No sooner had Arsenal crashed to another defeat to Chelsea – their fourth in less than a year – than Sky Sports had thrust a microphone in front of Arsene Wenger.  What did the learned professor say?  “We felt we were the better team and I’m very proud of our performance”.

Hello?  Earth calling Arsene.  What is it about the scoreline ‘two nil’ that you don’t understand?

It’s not as though Wenger doesn’t have ‘previous’ with his eyesight problems.  As far back as twelve years ago, in the Chelsea Independent fanzine (the forerunner of CFCnet), our match reviewer had this to say about the Frenchman during a game in the late 90’s:

“They always said there was no such thing as the perfect crime, well they are wrong. If you’re a burglar, all you have to do is break into Arsene Wenger’s house whilst he’s at home. All you need do is wear an Arsenal shirt and you can nick what you like, you could even give him an elbow and flatten him with a smack in the mouth. One thing is for sure, if you’re wearing that shirt, he won’t see a damn thing.”

Whilst that might appear harsh, it’s instructive to be reminded that the quoted piece was written not last decade but the decade before.  With eyesight problems spanning half a generation, if I was Arsene at the very least I’d sue my optician.

The fact that it was Drogba who ran Arsenal ragged made the result all the sweeter.  After November’s imperious brace, Wenger accused our Ivorian of ‘not doing much during the game’.  Even Wenger thought twice about trotting that line out again as Didier banged in another two goals and hit the woodwork as a mickey take.  That’s twelve goals in the last twelve games for Didier against the Gooners.  Love it.

With the Matthew Harding Lower in fine voice, the support for our team and John Terry in particular was outstanding throughout the match.  Eagle eyed supporters will have noticed that the ‘JT, Captain, Leader, Legend’ flag was placed directly behind the goal for this game.  The CFCnet and cfcuk flag crew did this on purpose to let our Captain know, if he didn’t already, that he commands our 100% loyalty.

Overall it was blistering display and whilst we tired towards the end, the fact that we had beaten our London rivals and gone top of the table in the process was enough to send any Chelsea fan home happy.

A particularly cheerful supporter was a certain Mark Worrall, one of Chelsea’s most loyal and die-hard fans.  Author of a number of Chelsea books, including the classic ‘Over Land & Sea’ and more recently ‘Chelsea here, Chelsea there’, he looked content but tired.  Why?  Mark and his partner JoJo are the proud new parents of a baby girl, appropriately named Misty Blue – in a few years time Mark tells us she’ll be sitting in Gate 17.  Congratulations from us all at CFCnet.

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