These are nervous times for Chelsea season ticket holders. Renewal forms will soon be landing on door mats with news of next season’s prices. Medical units are on stand by.

Chelsea victories at Upton Park have been few and far between in recent times. The last win featured John Spencer scoring two goals either side of Julian Dicks stamping on his head.

The Blues went for a win though, with only two changes to the team which triumphed in Rotterdam last week. Gianluca Vialli clearly recognises the importance of a top-three finish. The line-up for the Lazio game next week may differ significantly with a Champions League quarter-final slot already secured.

West Ham fans selected three players for abuse; Flo, Leboeuf and Wanchope. The latter did eventually get a cheer though, when he was taken off.

Chelsea started to get more of the ball after Stimac was sent off. West Ham responded by substituting a substitute. In bringing on a defender, Ruddock, for an attacker, Kitson, the Hammers demonstrated that they were settling for a point.

They got their wish as a drab match petered out to a nil-nil draw. Not a classic London derby by a long, long way.

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