One of the very good things the Fans Forum does is enable the club to clarify to supporters what their position is on current issues, for us to feed back on issues and suggest improvements, as well as allowing us to raise issues that affect supporters generally.

It’s been a core area of communication between the club and supporters, and has opened up many channels for CFCnet, and other supporters groups and organisations, to make representations to the club covering many different areas. Pete Bull and Jerry Kendik speak to the club on a regular basis for ticketing and atmosphere respectively, and it’s through contacts made at the Fans Forum that we are able to do so.

Following on from the success of our interview with Simon Greenberg, the clubs director of communications and public affairs, you can now put your questions and queries to Simon on a monthly basis and he will try and answer your questions as frankly as possible, as he did during the interview with us.

If you have any questions you want answered, about anything relating to general club policy, or club strategy surrounding specific events that have occurred, then please let us know and we will collate the questions and send them across to him, then publish the answers as an article on CFCnet for you all to see.

One of the questions asked in the interview was if he thought communication with supporters could be improved. His answer was yes, that it could always be improved, and in my mind this is another step in the right direction. It’s a chance for you to interact and pose queries to one of the people who run the club on a daily basis.

There are certain areas in which Simon will not be able to answer your questions, such as ticketing, as it’s not his area of responsibility. If you have a ticketing query then please email [email protected], and he will be able to raise it with the club. All major ticketing issues will be still debated at the Fans Forum.

You can read the web based part of our interview with Simon here, to get an overview of the areas in which he has overall responsibility. Part two is available in issue 4 of the CFCnet magazine.

There will be a thread in the forum where you can post your questions, or if you’d rather then you can email me and I will put them forward.

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