Chelsea fans show their support for Chelsea FC
Chelsea fans show their support for Chelsea FC

It’s been home to the club for well over a century and throughout that time, has changed almost beyond recognition. Today, Stamford Bridge is, like many modern football grounds, an all-seater venue where families can sit alongside fans that have travelled thousands of miles just to see the Blues and veterans who’ve been coming for decades.

Today, you might think that a capacity of just less than 42,000 is sufficient enough for a team that has become accustomed to success and, when sold out, can look intimidating to even the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. However, as the Bridge is sold out for just about every game, there’s been sporadic talk of us either renovating the ground or moving elsewhere.

Building a fortress
For a few years, the club have explored the possibility of either moving to a new site and building a ground that holds around 60,000 or upgrading the Bridge. For a while, it looked like we were going to build a new stadium on the site of Earls Court Exhibition Centre, but that move was nixed for a variety of reasons, leaving us with one option.

Although nothing’s concrete yet, it looks like the Bridge will be expanded in stages, but where can we start? The Shed End and Matthew Harding Stand look ripe for renovation, but rebuilding either when there’s limited space to work with could be extremely difficult. What complicates things further is the fact that moving away from the Bridge could see the club no longer called ‘Chelsea’.

A home for heroes
For now, we’re all happy to call the Bridge home. Older fans will have fond memories of what the ground used to look like, while younger Blues will want to know all about its history. Testing your knowledge of all football grounds will show you how historic Stamford Bridge is compared to other stadia around the country.
Wherever we end up in the future, Stamford Bridge will always have a place in our hearts. It’s where we’ve experienced major triumphs, witnessed dark days such as the time we spent in the second tier and seen some legends made. Hopefully, this will continue for years to come, even if we’re left with little choice but to leave our home of 108 years.

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