By Tyler Strauss

If Chelsea sign Paul Pogba, they’ll be favorites to win the league again. It’s as simple as that. 

As much as all rumors of Pogba coming to Chelsea are to be treated with a “hands off” approach, then links are nothing but persistent. 

That being said, since their so prevalent, we must discuss them. 

If Chelsea were to sign Pogba, it would be a masterclass. They’d immediately be the best team in the league. The Blues would have too many different attacking options to not be clinical. The young Frenchman would offer so much to the West Londoners. 

Firstly, Pogba would line up well next to Matic, offering a creative deep-lying playmaker. This would allow Fabregas to stay further forward and impact the match higher up the pitch. 

However, Mourinho could also change the formation by playing a 4-3-3, allowing a deep-lying trio of Matic, Pogba, and Fabregas/Oscar. This would allow Chelsea to play an attacking three of Hazard, Costa and Pedro/Willian. That would be a tough team to beat, both domestically and globally. 

Furthermore, Pogba can also be effective higher up the pitch as well. He could interchange with Oscar, Willian, and Fabregas in the No.10 role, offering creativity and a distinct ability to take players on and shoot from long range. 

Adding the young Frenchman would offer Chelsea a host of options going forward, while also adding a player with a great work ethic and ability on the ball. 

So why would the Frenchman choose Chelsea?

First and foremost, the Premier League is widely regarded as the best league in the world. Not to say the most talented players are here, but it’s the most competitive. This would mean that as a young player, it would be an attractive option to prove himself here. Especially when considering he was spurned the opportunity to do so by Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. What has to be one of the largest mistakes in the illustrious career of the Scottish manager, could prove to be a determining factor in allowing Chelsea to sign the Pogba. 

Furthermore, if Chelsea sign the 22-year-old, it’ll make them favorites in both the Premier League and the Champions League this season. There aren’t many teams that could offer that much of a chance for instant results. Probably Real Madrid and Bayern Munich could. But the Germans don’t really need him, and Real Madrid already have a packed squad. Pogba would become an instant sensation at Chelsea. He would be another name at Real Madrid. Barcelona also wouldn’t be able to play him until January, making a deal this season unlikely. 

Overall, if Chelsea were to convince the young Frenchman to a Stamford Bridge move this season, it would be a sensational signing for the reigning champions. They’d be immediate challengers for all 4 competitions they play in. 

While it seems like a pipe dream, it’s certainly a tantalizing fantasy. With the transfer window almost over, and the rumor mill brewing, will this prove to be nothing but hype? Or will Chelsea turn heads by signing a globally recognized star?

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