Some friends of CFCnet are writing a book, and they need your help. Andy Pringle and Neil Fissler are documenting the whereabouts of a plethora of ex-Blues, but some are proving to be tricky to track down.

As part of their Where Are They Now? book, they’re looking to provide an extensive piece of work on life after Chelsea. The list of players they still need to locate is below, and can also be found in the forums.

If you have any idea as to where the likes of Laurent Charvet, David Hopkin or Tommy Ord wound up after leaving the Bridge, please let Andy and Neil know via the forums. It should be noted that even though Juan Veron went missing during his time at the club, he’s not included in the list. He has been found safely and can now be seen in the World Cup.

Where Are They Now?

Paul Berry
Micky Block
Len Casey
Laurent Chavet
Jimmy Clare
David Cliss
Michael Collins
John Compton
Peter Corthine
Colin Court
Nick Crittenden
Andy Dow
Charles Dyke
Timmy Elmes
Joe Fascione
Michael Harrison
Pat Holton
David Hopkin
Thomas Jenkins
Len Kell
Bobby Laverick
Tommy Law
Fred Lewis
William Livingstone
George Lake
Paul McMillan
Errol McNally
John Millar
James Mulholland
Mark Nicholls
Tommy Ord
Tony Potrac
Mel Scott – Dead
Joe Sheerin
Dennis Sorrell
Mario Stanic
Kingsley Whiffen
Dick Whittaker
Paul Williams
Allan Young
Roger Wosahlo

Thank you CFCnetters.

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