Whilst Gareth Bale’s agent has gone on to clear the air on what seemed to be an impending move to Chelsea, it must be noted that the Blues stood to gain very little in the way of improvement as Bale is not nearly as good as Hazard. Gareth Bale may have been in scintillating form when Tottenham needed someone to turn to but his quality seems to have diminished in comparison to Eden Hazard since his move to Spain.

In the current league football season Hazard has one more goal than Bale whilst they are locked on eight assists apiece. One must consider that Real Madrid generally score more goals than Chelsea due to their quality that of their opposition so Bale should in essence have more goals. In the other competitions, Hazard has significantly more goals than Bale thereby showing his quality over the Welshman.

Eden Hazard has collected 12 man-of-the-match awards in league football against 3 for Gareth Bale. The Belgian also has a better pass completion ratio and has created twice as many chances as Bale. The former Tottenham star may be well known for his ability to run past players but Hazard has exhibited a much more entertaining way of beating defenders by completing the most dribbles in the Top 5 European Leagues ahead of Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery.

Statistically speaking there is no way Chelsea would desire Bale ahead of Hazard unless of course it should be to recreate the Glenn Hoddle situation once again or add to the woes of Spurs fans after missing out on Willian.

Contribution from Kudzai Mahwite

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