Two seasons ago, Falcao was a hot commodity. He was tearing up La Liga, scoring goals for fun, and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Enter the Monaco project. They needed a striker to lead their line, and who better than the Colombian sensation. Monaco overpaid for Falcao however, and this was their mistake. When the Colombian would miss half of their season with a torn ACL, it was a huge loss and poor investment. Since his injury, the Colombian has not been able to rediscover his form on loan to Manchester United.

Now the 29-year-old is a misfit piece at Monaco, who have no need or desire to pay his wages. That being said they won’t be able to get much for his services, given his gigantic drop in form.

And that’s where Chelsea can strike. Should the Blues be able to acquire Falcao for a reasonable price, it could be the steal of the century, should the Colombian find his form. And who better a manager to help him do so than Mourinho.

On Chelsea, Falcao would be the third striker and have to prove his worth. This would give Mourinho the chance to loan out Bamford and continue his progression. It would also allow him to have a more senior option than utilizing someone like Solanke as the third striker.

This deal hinges on the fact that Monaco are not too stingy with their demands. The initial instinct would be to get a large sum of their investment back. The reality is that they won’t, and they should cut their losses take a halfway decent bid and allow Falcao one more chance with the best manager in the world. But for Chelsea that’s the only way this deal makes sense. Overpaying for Falcao will prove a costly mistake and should be avoided. Mourinho knows what he’s capable of and if he thinks the potential for success with Falcao is there, he’ll move for the Colombian.

Contribution from Tyler Strauss

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