Mata scores against Arsenal
Mata scores against Arsenal
Is an explanation really needed? For any Chelsea fan Mata has been the shining light of the past two seasons, he has become an integral part of our club both on and off the pitch. You would be extremely hard pressed to find a Chelsea fan who doesn’t admire him and I can’t think of any who have negative feelings towards him.

On the field Mata has been our best player for the past two seasons hands down, it’s not without reason that he has been voted Player of the Year for the past two seasons. His calmness and composure on the field are unlike anyone else in the team and his ability to thread a pass is second to none.

I recognise that Mourinho is taking this club somewhere else and that the style of his football has to operate at a much quicker pace or it can become useless. However I still believe that Mata has a part to play in this. He is useful for unlocking defences and he is a world class playmaker. Who’s to say that Eden Hazard won’t break down with a season ending injury? If he does then what? After Schurrle we’re left with very few options. Before January we had an absolute plethora of options at attacking midfield but if we sell both KDB and Mata things start to look a little thin.

I have been pleasantly surprised by Willian’s recent form but we can’t guarantee that it will go on for ever and Mata offers something different. He is unlike the other four players in that position that we currently have. Being short in positions has hurt us before, setting ourselves up for a fall seems foolish at best.

Mata has grown to love London, you only need to glance through his blogs to realise that and reading them gives you the impression of a very smart individual. He’s got two degrees and I’ve never once read anything about a poor attitude. Team-mates and coaches have only the highest praise for him as a person. If we lose Mata we are losing a seriously talented human being, in more ways than one. He hasn’t been playing recently but his time will come, the Premier League is a squad game and we’re not going to be starting Oscar, Willian and Hazard every single game. We’ll need to rotate and if Mata impresses he could start keeping those three out of the team.

Of all the players currently at Chelsea Mata is right up there in terms of players I don’t want to see leave and the fact that he is joining United makes it much worse. For starters United are a rival, obviously not this season but next season there is no reason they cannot be back at the top and what if Mata is the man who leads them to glory? It doesn’t bare thinking about. Secondly there is a risk that Mata might end up going the same way as Shinji Kagawa at Manchester United and that would be too painful to watch given how it is hard enough watching him sit on our bench.

There are a few players Chelsea have regretted selling over the year. Matic is an obvious one, so too is Daniel Sturridge but few could prove as costly as selling Juan Mata to Manchester United. Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against the man. I think he’s been a terrific servant to the club and a model professional. If he does United I will think no less of him, I’ll just feel extremely disappointed with those in charge at the club.

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