As a strong believer that football clubs should never hire former managers, I found myself swimming against the tide of support for Jose Mourinho’s return to the Bridge.

However given the current feeling and atmosphere that now surrounds the club, perhaps the Special One is the perfect remedy.

It’s bit like dating an ex-girlfriend, you soon remember the things that drove you apart, yes the success was great, but Roman grew tired of Jose’s ego and demands for power. You only have to look at Real Madrid to see Jose hasn’t changed, although we still love him for the way he is.

What Chelsea really need is a young manager with a fresh footballing philosophy, ready to take our talented squad of young players forward. Sounds familiar to the task handed to current Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas? His achievements so far with our North London rivals only increase my belief that this year would have been the ideal time to bring him in, with the young players already assembled, and the senior stars aware that their time is up.

Is this one of the reasons why Jose may not be a bad idea, the club has fallen so far behind both Manchester clubs, that Roman simply will not wait for new ideas to be put across, he wants success, and he wants it now. The other major reasoning behind bringing Jose back is to bring a feel good factor around the team and the supporters. When Jose was at the helm, going to the Bridge was all you thought about all week, now, it seems a chore.

The arrival of Benitez has sucked the life out of the club, while most levelled headed fans will agree that Robbie Di Matteo never had a long term future as Chelsea manager, to sack him for Benitez really was a step to far.

The atmosphere has been at times poisonous, and has played as much of a part in our poor results as have Benitez’s tactical mistakes.

To lay all the blame at his door is wrong, but he must shoulder some of, if not most of, the responsibility for the team’s failures.

Judging by his comments since he took over though, that’s more unlikely than QPR winning the Champions League.

Benitez was never wanted, and his admission post Middlesbrough that he will leave at the end of the season still hasn’t appeased those who want him gone now. The main question I found myself asking was, why wait?

The major problem with appointing Mourinho is that he wouldn’t be a long term fix, the club needs stability, whereas a Champions League trophy is all that is stopping him moving on to pastures new.

In his managerial career, the three years spent in London was the longest Mourinho has ever stayed at a club.

There is however, a young coach at Madrid’s second club, who in 14 months has taken Atletico to a Europa League trophy and has split the La Liga top two.

Diego Simeone’s team look certain for a place in the Champions League next season, and his experience there could be a major stepping stone for him in moving to a top European club.

Simeone has disciplined his side, making them difficult to beat and deadly on the counter attack, he has also been the man in charge of one of European football’s hottest properties in Radamel Falcao.

Bringing a world class striker with him, Simeone would have a squad with enough ability to challenge anybody in European football, but again this may take time to build, and Roman would need to fix his itchy trigger finger.

Whilst the board take the time to carefully plan the next full time manager and the direction that the club will travel in, who better to restore some pride and confidence than the man who took us into the elite of European football.

The same man who made us the most feared opponent in English football and gave us two Premier League titles, two FA cups and the League cup.

The man whose shadow has hung over the head of every manager that has stepped in the dug-out to replace him, the one they call the Special One.

All that was missing was the Champions League, and should we qualify, it would be a fitting end to one final fling with Jose.

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