Ramires in action against Aston Villa
Ramires in action against Aston Villa

Ramires has had some memorable moments at Chelsea and he has put in some tiresome performances, scoring many important goals along the way most notably his fine chip against Barcelona in The Champions League. He is a player admired by the Blues supporters, management and everyone in football and he has also impressed me on a number of occasions in the past. I admire him as an athlete and as a dedicated, passionate sportsman.

However, this season has really highlighted to me the fact that Ramires is just not making the grade in his position at Chelsea, finally I have realised and noticed that the pure fact that he is the most energetic, fastest, tiresome box to box player I have ever witnessed, I am afraid his flaws are becoming far more greater and more noticeable, especially this season when he has been surrounded by so much quick passing football and technical talent. I’m not naive, I realise that every midfield needs a hard working strong player who defends hard and breaks up play, but now with the arrival of Nemanja Matic, he is THAT player, he is the holding man who will work hard to break up play. This was the role that I believed Ramires was brilliant at, but Matic is better and Ramires is just not a good enough passer of the ball to be able to be the more advanced one in the pivot.

I do not feel that Ramires work rate is enough to see him be a regular starter in that role at Chelsea anymore, now we are a passing side who look to create and move the ball fast, I don’t think that Ramires makes the grade, unless he is used as that one stronger midfielder in Matic’s absence or as a wide attacker when we are playing the better sides and needing a more defensive structure.

The fact he can run, work harder than anyone else on the pitch and cover the most miles is not good enough. Mo Farah could walk on to a football pitch and do that. We need our second midfielder to be technically brilliant on the ball and use it to create chances and link up the play. Ramires is wasteful on the ball and loses it far too often. His pace and match engine is electrifying but if only he could learn to use it better, I’ve seen so many counter attacks wasted by a poor pass or lack of vision from him. We need to see a player like Oscar, who with a little more strength, could make the perfect centre midfield partner for Matic. He has the vision and skill to create from deep and use his own impressive match engine to get from box to box.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that Ramires is a top player and has been hugely important for us over the years, I just feel that he lacks that extra bit of quality to be used in centre midfield every match and will be far more useful in other roles. Too many times he has wasted golden chances and given the ball away putting us on the back foot, and when you are one of a two man midfield it can be hugely costly if you lose the ball, and lack the vision and technical ability to get out of trouble in the impressive way that Matic and John Obi Mikel have demonstrated on a number of occasions.

To sum it up, if Ramires had Oscar’s passing ability, we’d have the worlds best central midfielder. But unfortunately we need our more advanced pivot player to have better technical ability, better vision and better finishing than what Ramires has, because right now this is our weakest link.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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