Chelsea have pretty much secured the £9 million signing of Nigerian international and Wigan winger Victor Moses. This has caused a controversial reaction amongst Chelsea supporters who are expecting us to bring in the likes of Hulk instead, which may I add could still happen as well.

I personally believe that Moses will be a good signing for Chelsea. Many will agree, many will disagree, but here I will express why I believe he will be a good addition to our team.

Reason number one – We need a striker
OK, so Victor Moses is not a centre forward, although he has played there a handful of times and has been affective. I truly believe that Chelsea see him as an option up front, which is what we need. There is no reason why he cannot be a decent option in that position. He is strong, quick, good on the ball and scores goals. He would be a good runner in behind and will also be able to hold the ball up well with his strength. He isn’t what you’d call a target man, but he can certainly do a job there if called upon.

Reason number two – We’ve not bought him as a striker, we need an out an out winger
As a winger, Moses impressed me last season a lot. He has the skill and ability to take players on and get to the by-line. The games in pre-season, Chelsea lacked width and natural wide men. Yes we do have the likes of Marin to come back in, but other than him, I don’t see any other natural wide players that will cause a problem, Ramires is not winger for me. We need different options for the creative players to find. Moses will get at defenders and get crosses into the box, it’s another option for us. Fernando Torres is not a target man I realise that, but he has scored a lot of headed goals in his time and if the right delivery comes in, he’s more than capable of getting more goals in the air and if we have natural wide players, Torres won’t feel like he has to keep drifting out wide all the time.

Reason number three – He’s cheap and young
At only 21 years of age, the best is yet to come from Moses and he will develop in to an even better player than he already is, he’s still learning. £9 million is said to be the fee that will be agreed between the two clubs, that is a real bargain when you think how much players are being sold for right now. Players linked with Chelsea, there price will always rise. But he’s a steal at that price and with the financial fair play rules coming in, it could be a wise move.

Reason number four – He counts as a home grown player and is versatile.
Not only can he play on the wing and as a centre forward, he can also operate in the attacking midfielder role, just another option to have, which must be good. Also, he’s classed as ‘home grown’ as he was born in the UK. Which is also a bonus with the new home grown rules coming in.

He is not a panic buy, Chelsea scouts have been watching him for a while now and I put my trust in them to know what they’re looking at here is a very good talent with bags of potential. Hulk might still arrive as well, I’m not ruling that out, but if he doesn’t I’m happy with Victor Moses, I’m excited to see another true winger arrive who has the flair, power and pace to get past defenders and cause problems.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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