This may seem remarkably obvious to some Chelsea fans, signing the spearhead of a fierce rival should be a real red area but it would not be without precedent (think Van Persie and Torres) and there are certainly arguments for signing Suarez given he is in the form of his life and certainly in better form than Torres was when we signed him. That being said I think we should be extremely wary of signing Luis Suarez as it is rumoured that Roman is on the lookout for a cheaper alternative to the prolific Falcao.

The first thing that bothers me about signing Suarez and I’m bracing myself for the onslaught even before I say this, is that he doesn’t really score enough goals for the price tag he will be commanding. Let’s clear a few things up, yes I know he is the Premier League top scorer and yes I do realise that players like Carroll and Torres haven’t justified their price tags but people seem to forget that his first two seasons in English football yielded just 15 goals in 48 Premier league appearances. I know his goal ratio at Ajax was phenomenal but so were the ratios of Mateja Kezman and Afonso Alves who both also came from Holland and then subsequently flopped in England. I am not saying Suarez has flopped, far from it I think he is the shining light that is currently carrying Liverpool’s rocky ship but what we need is an out and out number 9. We need someone who will score goals but at the same time link up play, we need someone who is best suited to leading the line by himself. Didier Drogba did this like no other player and because of his success in that role we will persist in playing 1 up front with 5 midfielders so therefore we need someone who can lead the line and score goals. Demba Ba is a great example of what we need. Before Papas Cisse’s arrival in January Newcastle would play a very similar formation to us and it would rely on both Ba’s predatory instincts and his link up play. It is clear watching Torres this season that he can link up play well and provide assists, it is just the other half of his game that is lacking. Suarez, in my opinion is similar to Torres in the sense that he will link up play well and watching him it sometimes feels like he is on every part of the pitch but at times you want your striker just to be in the box. Add that to the fact that his finishing is sometimes frustrating and it is obvious that Suarez represents a £40 million gamble that isn’t worth taking.

Who then? Well I am firmly in the Falcao camp when it comes to who should we sign but I can see the arguments for Edinson Cavani as well. I believe that André Schurrle still hasn’t done enough at Leverkusen to be trusted in leading the line for a club such as ours. The Colombian Falcao will not come cheaply, I think we all now know the well documented buyout clause but you cannot argue with his record. He has scored goals in Argentina, Portugal and now Spain and in my opinion is one of the best players in world football on current form. Whether we’ll still be in a position to demonstrate that we are worth signing for by January remains to be seen but if Rafa doesn’t cause too much damage hopefully he’ll see sense and pick London over Manchester. I disagree strongly with people saying that we don’t need a new striker because it is clear that Torres is not worth playing and until Daniel Sturridge grows up and starts playing for the team he doesn’t deserve to play. Lukaku represents a genuinely exciting option but it is unlikely that he will solve all our problems just like that, remember that Drogba was 24 when we signed him and Lukaku is still a teenager.

Whilst we look frail defensively at times it is the lack of goals that is really hurting our season so far. I don’t have the chance conversion rate figures to hand but if I did I imagine they wouldn’t make pretty reading. The attacking three behind Torres are chipping in with goals whenever they can but if a new striker isn’t signed in January we are in serious danger of suffering another league performance like last season. That season will obviously live long in the memory of every Chelsea fan but just remember one thing; Drogba won’t be there to bail us out this time.


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