Sadly the national team is already back at home, but on the other hand, some of the Blues’ top players still have the chance to shine and prove their skills on the World Cup.

That means a new chance for you, Chelsea loving football fans: Test yourselves as a top manager!  Do you know the players as well as Mourinho does? Could you make a better selection than Hodgson did? Will your expectations meet the players’ performances?

We’ve found a game with lot of fun and excitement:  in FOOSIO, a new free, daily fantasy football manager game you can also select Hazard, Schürrle, Oscar or Willian into your team alongside all the international stars who are about to play on the next matches of the World Cup.


Have you already heard about FOOSIO? We neither, until we got the chance to test the game and we totally loved it! Imagine an online football game where you don’t have to worry about transfer budgets, no trainings, no transfers, but you have to rely on real player performances on real matches, of course in real time. You got to choose your favourites into your team on daily basis in this browser-based online game, where your manager skills are measured at 4 to 8 personnel tables. Yes, just like in poker. Maybe that is where the FOOSIO name cames from: the game is a fusion of players in dream teams, or football manager and fantasy football games with poker. You can even win real prizes if you keep beating your fellow managers by picking the best lineup from those players who are playing on the specific matchday. Everything depends on the chosen players real match performances: they get points whether they score, make an assist, take place in the starting XI or part of the winning team, etc. Owngoals, cards, conceded goals are just a few factors which will make you losing points, so pay attention during picking up your team.

You will love one more thing besides the game: during the WC, every managers are participating in a 5000€ total prize contest, actually for free.

FOOSIO is so easy to play: we already picked our team for tonight, hopefully the Blues’ guys will deliver us more joy on the field and lots of points in FOOSIO. Try FOOSIO for yourself Click here!

Make now your own team and show the world that Hazard and Schürrle could be the best choices of every word class teams!

Why not try the game now! Click here! and give it a go.

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