Is it 5 years already? How time flies….. Grumpy Ken and his Cap’n Birds Eye scowl is just a fading memory.

It’s July 2008 and yet another new era begins.  Welcome Big Felipe Scolari.  I wonder what he’s going to bring to Chelsea Football Club?  What sort of manager is he?  We’ll see next week when he gives his first public press conference at the Cobham Hilton on Tuesday 8th July.  I suspect he’ll be an older version of one Jose Mourinho esquire but without the Armani coat.

Scolari is Brazilian, in his late 50’s, successful, his own man, has been known to beat up the opposition, allegedly thinks Pinochet (Chilean dictator) is a good bloke and loves his mother.  It’s a potent combination that the UK press pack will look forward to with wide eyed anticipation.  After all, they hated Grant, they ended up hating Jose and now they’ll soon have another manager that James Lawton can sink his journalistic fangs into.

Do the Board at CFC know who they have taken on?  Do they think they can control Scolari?  Do they think they can buy players for him?  I think not.  He was a defensive player, robust rather than skillful.  He believes in teams not stars (like Jose), he has succeeded with modest players (like Jose) and he believes in himself (like Jose).  Perhaps Scolari will be the Special One Mark 2.

The Board made mistakes with Jose and I sincerely hope they do not repeat them with Big Phil.  The purchase of older established players was not the Mourinho way.  He likes young up and coming players, not established stars.  You could argue that buying Sheva and Ballack cost us the League title twice – after all, why fix something that ain’t broke?.  How way we played did not suit either player.  Jose wanted Kaka we got Sheva, we needed a play maker we got Ballack (A Lampard clone).

So what of the future?  We appear to have too many players, some of which are not good enough to be Chelsea players.  Let’s see.  Unless we build the team around him Sheva has to go.  Sidwell? A good professional, but not for Chelsea thank you.  Tel Bal Haim? A cart horse we’d better send back to Bolton.  Wright-Phillips, Pizzaro and Malouda? Too light weight, just not good enough.  Belletti? Perhaps not good enough defensively.  Kalou tries hard, buttttttt!!!!.

Now the most contentious.  Joe Cole, is he good enough for CFC?  Not enough end product, fades in games, not good with his back to goal, gets knocked off the ball too easily for me.  Is it because CFC play him in the wrong position?  He is certainly not a winger. Would it be best to play in the whole behind the strikers?  I do not know.  But I would sell him and buy David Bentley.

Who should we buy?  Hopefully that is up to the manager this time as well as the system of football he wants to play.  Scolari is more defensive than Jose.  Big Phil likes 4,2,3,1.  Again with a lone striker.  I would prefer 4,1,3,2.  I like strikers hunting in packs. Remember Eidur and Jimmy up front? Magic.

What I would like is what ever system he chooses the whole club play that way.  From 1st team down to the juniors.  Then the younger players might get a look in.

So who will we buy?  Does it depend on who is leaving?  Drogba, Frank, Carvalho will  they go?  Great teams win leagues not great players.  Our back 5 is brilliant, our midfield is dynamic and powerful, although lacking guile though to open defences.

I thought Xavi and Iniesta were brilliant in the Euros.  We’ve just bought Deco. Bye, Bye Lampard, that answers one question.  We were linked to Arshevin, besides an unfortunate name, excellent against the Dutch, crap against the Spanish. The one I would like is Kaka and with Scolari we might have a chance. David Villa and Ribery (I like Ribery he puts his foot in, the complete opposite of Malouda)

What ever happens in the next few weeks, it will not stop me hoping for a great season next year.  Unlike some of the Chelsea faithful, I want winning football.  All this pretty stuff is boll*cks, what has the Arse won?  Oh yes sweet F.A.  Isn’t Wenger a great manager? What’s he won in Europe??

My favourite score is Chelsea 1 everyone else 0.  We should have won the league for the last 2 years.  Politics got in the way. So my message to the Board, let the manager manage and let’s regain what is rightfully ours, the League title, then win the Champions League.

Come on you BLUES

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