That’s it, it’s confirmed. After months (and even years) of speculation, Jose wasn’t buttering up the Man United hierarchy with his unusually reserved “the better team lost” comments. Mourinho will not be Sir Alex Ferguson’s replacement at Old Trafford. But you didn’t REALLY think he was holding out for the job did you? I certainly wasn’t.

My girlfriend certainly did. She said that Fergie would retire and Jose would take over (I didn’t think Fergie would retire, so I’ll concede she was right about that). But everyone, even some Chelsea fans, thought United was Jose’s Holy Grail. They said it would be his greatest achievement to manage they said he thought is the greatest club in the world. But managing United would be just about the most un-Jose thing he could’ve done.

The Special One thrives on just that – special achievements. Winning back-to-back Portuguese League and European titles was a special achievement. He wanted to be the first manager to win a league title for Chelsea in 50 years. He wanted to be the first manager to win the Champions League for Chelsea. He wanted to be the first manager to win an Italian treble. He wanted to be the manager who won Real Madrid’s tenth European Cup.

He might not have achieved all of those, but it shows that he sets unique goals. What if he won the league at United? Great, Ferguson won 13. What if he won the Champions League at United? Great, Fergie won two. Okay, winning a quadruple would be unique but it’s probably not realistic. Jose would find it a much greater achievement to try and take Chelsea to the level of Man United in terms of trophies.

I don’t think Jose would return for another – win the league, win the Champions League, leave – job. With Ferguson retiring there is an incredible opportunity for another team to dominate English football. Let’s hope he comes back for the long haul to make Chelsea the dominant force in the Premier League.


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